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Welcome to the Official Team Etienne page for the YA Sisterhood's 2nd Annual YA Crush Tourney!

If you love Etienne St. Clair from the magnificent Stephanie PerkinsAnna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door, then this is the place to stay updated on all the current posts and buttons and hashtags!

If you would like to join Team Etienne and help support us and Etienne, please leave a comment, tweet us, or email us! You can do as much or as little as you'd like! We'll display all team members on this page. And we'll also be eternally grateful! As will Etienne, we're sure ;)




Team Etienne

Team Etienne

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Post 4 (7/19/12) - Thank You:

I want to thank everyone who voted for Etienne St. Clair in the YA Crush Tourney. You guys are amazing and I love every one of you! Especially the amazing folks who campaigned for Team Etienne on twitter. Well, Etienne didn't win his match against Simon, but you guys showed how much you love him (and how much he deserves to be loved!) by voting.

Congratulations to Allison B., winner of our Anna and the French Kiss giveaway! You guys can check out her blog HERE, her twitter HERE, and guess what? She's an author! So watch out for her book Forget-Me-Not!

And, of course, a big congrats to Simon and his entire team and Team Patch! You guys did awesome :) And thank you to the ladies at the YA Sisterhood! Thanks for the opportunity to represent such an amazing character in the tourney!

Post 3 (7/18/12) - Etienne's Defense:

Etienne needs your votes to beat Simon in the YA Crush Tourney today! Click here to VOTE! Or read on to find out why Etienne deserves your votes.

Hey everybody! It's Jesse and Taylor from Pretty In Fiction! We are so super psyched to be representing Etienne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. We have both been in love with Etienne since January 1st, 2011, when we both camped out all day with our copies of Anna, enjoying every second we got to spend in Paris with him. So it is our utter pleasure to tell you all about why he deserves your votes today!

The first thing you need to know about Etienne St. Clair is that his name is Etienne, but it's also St. Clair. Here, I'll let Lola from Lola and the Boy Next Door explain it to you.

"Anna is the only person who calls him by his first name. The rest of us call him by his last, St. Clair. I'm not sure why. It's just one of those things." {Lola and the Boy Next Door}

Now that you've been properly introduced, lets talk about looks! The first time Anna meets Etienne, she describes him as beautiful. And he certainly is! He's got big brown eyes and matching messy brown hair. Artist's hair, as Anna says. He may be a little on the short side, but his confidence more than makes up for it.

"If there were an Olympics competition in hair, St. Clair would totally win, hands down. Ten-point-oh. Gold medal." {Anna and the French Kiss}

And did we mention the accent? Because he has an accent. A British one! That's right, go ahead and swoon. We are.

"Eh-t-yen says my name like this: Ah-na." {Anna and the French Kiss}


Oh! That's right. We were telling you why you should vote for Etienne. Sorry! Got a little distracted by that accent.

He's also got a geeky deep appreciation for history. We're talking a this-boy's-got-huge-history-books-scattered-around-his-dorm-room kind of appreciation. And, no. Those are not required reading at the School of America in Paris (aka SOAP). He just really loves history, and loves nothing more than to go on and on about it. Which is okay with us. Etienne can give us a history lesson any day!

"St. Clair's head is always in history books the size of dictionaries,' Meredith interrupts. 'It's hard to get him out of his room." {Anna and the French Kiss}

Etienne is one of those beautiful confident guys who can get away with anything, especially since no one at SOAP can't help but love him. That's probably because he's funny, charming, and stunningly attractive. And let's not forget completely devoted to his mom, or mum as he would say! How cute is that?! But most importantly, the thing we love most about Etienne is that he's in love with his best friend. That's right, he's a boy in love, and he's prone to do some cute and crazy things because of it. Like risking life and limb climbing to the top of a very tall tower to see Anna, when everyone knows Etienne is desperately afraid of heights. But he loves Anna and is willing to do anything to make her happy. What's there not to love about a boy like that!


If your still debating who to vote for here's one last quote...

"He points a finger at me. 'I thought southern belles were supposed to have southern accents.'

I shake my head. 'Only when I talk to my mom. Then it slips out because she has one. Most people in Atlanta don't have an accent. It's pretty urban. A lot of people speak gangsta, though,' I add jokingly.

'Fo' shiz,' he replies in his polite English accent." {Anna and the French Kiss}

Did we mention he was funny?

There you have it people. Vote for Etienne. Fo' shiz.

Post 2 (7/6/12):

Today's the official start of the YA Sisterhood's 2nd Annual YA Crush Tourney. As you know, we're advocating for Etienne St. Clair from Stephanie Perkins' fabulous Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door. Because of this we've decided to put together a little "best of" for Etienne, to give you a little refresher as to why you fell in love with him in the first place or, for those of you who haven't read it yet, a taste of what your missing by not running out to find a copy immediately.

Etienne Quotes:

"I look at St. Clair for help, but find him staring at me with his head tilted to the side. 
'What?' I ask, irritated. 'Soup on my chin? Green bean between my teeth?' 
St. Clair smiles to himself. "I like your stripe.' he finally says. He reaches out and touches it lightly. 'You have perfect hair.'" {Anna and the French Kiss, Chapter 6}
"'You get along well with her, don't you? Your mom?' 
'I love me mum.' He says this matter-of-factly, with no trace of teenage shame. {Anna and the French Kiss, Chapter 7}
"'I like you,' he says. 
My body is rigid. 
'And I don't mean as a friend.'" {Anna and the French Kiss, Chapter 15}
"'I'm here.' St. Clair is angry. I'm just sorry I'm not there. I wish there was something I could do.' 
'Wanna come beat her up for me?' 
'I'm packing my throwing stars right now.'" {Anna and the French Kiss, Chapter 27}
"I have nothing to say about prostitutes (other than the fact that you'd make a terrible prostitute, the profession is far too unclean), I only wanted to type that." {Anna and the French Kiss, Chapter 28}
"'You have too many names.' 
'I have one name. People just split it oddly.'" {Anna and the French Kiss, Chapter 35}
"'If you ask me to kiss you, I will,' he says. 
'Kiss me,' I say. 
He does." {Anna and the French Kiss, Chapter 38}
"The first day of school.' He scoots closer. We weren't physics partners by accident. I saw Professeur Wakefield assigning lab partners based on where people were sitting, so I leaned forward to borrow a pencil from you at just the right moment so he'd think we were next to each other. Anna, I wanted to be your partner the first day." {Anna and the French Kiss, Chapter 46}
Remember to vote #TeamEtienne come July 18th. And be sure to stalk Twitter that day, we'll be giving away a little something special (okay, okay, we're giving away a copy of Anna and the French Kiss!) to one lucky Etienne supporter!

Post 1 (6/30/12):

Guys, who's psyched for the YA Sisterhood's second annual YA Crush Tourney? We are! And we're especially excited this year because...

We're an advocate! That's right. We will be representing one of the many swoon worthy crushes this time around.

And who will we be representing, you ask?

*drumroll please*

None other than the incredible the oh-so-gorgeous American-French-English masterpiece, Etienne St. Clair from Stephanie Perkins' Anna and the French Kiss!

The tournament kicks off July 6th, so get prepared to make some hard decisions in the near future. Etienne will be facing off against Simon (The Mortal Instruments) on July 18th. If you'd like to help represent Etienne let us know! Feel free to tweet us or email us!

We ask all of you to take a button and help us represent Etienne in the Tourney! And be sure to VOTE come July 18th!

We'll have more updates in the future, but for now here's the schedule for Round 1:

Schedule for Round 1
Friday, July 6th, 2012
Match 1: Will (1) vs. Vincent (32)
Match 2: Zachary (16) vs. Alex (17)

Monday, July 9th, 2012
Match 3: Christian (9) vs. Adam (Shatter Me) (24)
Match 4: Eddie (8) vs. Sam (25)

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
Match 5: Four (4) vs. Tucker (29)
Match 6: Magnus (13) vs. Tod (20)

Friday, July 13th, 2012
Match 7: Finnick (12) vs. Kaiden (21)
Match 8: Jem (5) vs. Gale (28)

Monday, July 16th, 2012
Match 9: Adrian (2) vs. Cricket (31)
Match 10: Alec (15) vs. Noah (18)

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012
Match 11: Simon (10) vs. Etienne (23)
Match 12: Patch (7) vs. Percy (26)

Friday, July 20th, 2012
Match 13: Dimitri (3) vs. Archer (30)
Match 14: Ash (14) vs. Aiden (19)

Monday, July 23rd, 2012
March 15: Daemon (11) vs. Augustus (22)
Match 16: Peeta (6) vs. Lucas (Starcrossed) (27)

For more about the YA Crush Tourney and the YA Sisterhood check out their site HERE!

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