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Welcome to Pretty in Fiction's Request a Review page!

Before submitting your book for review, please read through our REVIEW POLICY below. By submitting your request, you are agreeing to the terms laid out as follows:

If you are an author or publisher (or, etc.) looking for a book review, blog tour participants, or anything else you feel might aide in promoting your book(s), we would be more than happy to read/help promote your book(s), so feel free to contact us at:

If you do not get a response right away: Do not be discouraged, we have a very long TBR, even with multiple reviewers (each of us has our own ever-growing list), and all of us do have lives outside of our blog(s), so it may take some time to respond. (Usually a week, at most, though usually only a day or two. If it takes longer than a week, more than likely we are not interested, though there are some exceptions to that rule.)

What We Read:

We are a Young Adult/Teen fiction book blog and, as such, the majority of our reviews fall into that category. At this time we are only accepting requests for reviews of YA/Teen titles. This is actually a broad range, as we are not too picky about sub-genres (paranormal, contemporary, horror, scifi, romance, fantasy, urban fantasy, high fantasy, historical fiction, dystopian, mystery, post apocalytic, etc. We like it all, so long as it's YA).

If you feel your book fits into the YA/Teen category (even if the characters are a little older/younger than generally accepted), then send us your request. Each book is reviewed on a case-by-case basis by at least one of our reviewers. If one of our reviewers finds an interest in your book, we will contact you in as timely a manner as we can (see above).

When contacting us, please provide the following information:
  • Name and email address of the contact person (that would be you).
  • What is your relation to the book (Author, Publisher, etc). If applicable, please also provide the name of the company you are with.
  • Book Title
  • Author's Name
  • What genre(s) the book is.
  • Give a brief synopsis of the book and/or a link to where information (incl. description) about the book can be found.
  • If accepted, what format the book is in (please see below for accepted formats).
  • What sorts of promotions you are interested in (Ex: Are you just looking for a review? Or, are you interested in an Author Interview/Guest Post, Blog Tour, and/or giveaway?)
  • Please also let us know if there is a time frame. Do you need/want your review, etc. by/between certain dates? Please Note: If no time frame is given, we will fit you in where we can, but we cannot give an estimate as to around when the review, etc. will be posted.
  • If you have any specific sites you would like to see our review of your books on (Amazon, Goodreads, iBooks/iTunes, Barnes & Noble, etc), please let us know.
  • Any additional information you'd like to share or feel we should know.
* Please do not solicit us with a pitch to buy your book *

We accept books in the following formats:
  • Print copies (Published and ARCs) – Upon confirmation, the Pretty Staffer you are in contact with will email you a mailing address. We ask that you respect our privacy, and only hold it until, and use it for the purpose intended.
  • eBooks (Published and unpublished eGalleys) – All Pretty Staffers are in possession of Apple devices that permit us to access Kindle books, Nook books, iBooks, and other ePub/PDF formats. We also have Adobe Digital Editions, if certain eBooks are limited to that.

All print books (incl. ARCs) received are subject to being passed along through way of giveaways as a means to help garner interest and promote readership. If you do not wish us to pass your book along, please specify.

ARC/eARC Policy:

No reviews for advanced copies of books will be posted on this, or any of our affiliated sites/profiles (Goodreads, LibraryThing, Facebook, The Write Reads, etc.), more than one (1) month prior to a book's release date, unless otherwise specified and permission is given (i.e. if the author/publisher, for promotional purposes was hosting an a event [blog tour, etc] and our date of participation fell before the one-month mark).

eARCs with licenses that don't expire will be deleted from devices/computers upon request. If you wish us to delete your eGalley upon finishing, please let us know via email, either in the initial request, or when you send us the means to claim the eGalley.

General Disclaimer:

We at Pretty in Fiction will never write a negative review as a personal attack on any given book, author, and/or publisher. Nor will we allow ourselves to be bribed into giving a positive review. We accept free copies of books solely for the purpose of giving fair, honest assessments of the material provided. All reviews herein, positive or negative, are the honest opinions of the reviewer who wrote the post. They are meant to reflect nothing but that individual's personal tastes. We reserve the right to post/cross-post all our reviews and/or links to our reviews on all our normal sites/profiles, and any previously agreed upon during correspondence. If you wish us not to post negative reviews on certain sites, this must be agreed upon before we accept the review request, but all reviews written will be posted on Pretty in Fiction and, by default, Networked Blogs, and linked to Twitter and Facebook.

 FTC Disclaimer:

In accordance with the FTC Revised Endorsement and Testimonial Guides, we at Pretty in Fiction would like you to know that we are not being paid in anyway for our opinions. We may, on occasion, receive a free copy (advanced, or otherwise) of a Book/eBook for review (via publisher, author, etc), but it should be understood that those reviews are never influenced by the fact that a copy was received, and are always the reviewer's honest opinion of the material in question.

If you have any questions/comments about anything contained within this policy, please contact us at:

  • Please include in your subject line: Review Policy

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