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12 Days of Great Summer Reads: Serial Hottie by Kelly Oram

Let's add a little suspense, comedy and romance to the summer!

Ellie’s Sweet 16 is a summer of firsts.

First car.

First kiss.

First boyfriend.

First serial-killing stalker…?

Hockey-obsessed tomboy Eleanor Westley has never been the object of a guy's affection before. So when the hottest boy she's ever seen moves in across the street and starts treating her like she's the center of his universe, naturally she's going to be a little skeptical. But everything starts to make sense when girls who look just like Ellie start dying all around the city. Obviously the new guy is the killer, and of course he only likes her because he wants to slice her into tiny pieces. Right?

The more Ellie gets to know Seth the more she's convinced he's a psychopathic killer. Problem is, he's the sweetest psychopathic killer she's ever met. Not to mention he's brutally hot. No matter how hard she tries, she can't help but fall for him.

From the best selling young adult author of The Avery Shaw Experiment and V is for Virgin, comes a lovable, quirky, and wildly funny coming of age contemporary romance about a girl, her strange but hot neighbor, and the crazy summer that changed both of their lives forever.

Will Ellie find true love?

Or will her summer of firsts turn out to be a summer of lasts?


Serial Hottie by Kelly Oram is such a strange mix of sweet, strange, and scary. It's a fun story about a scary topic, but I still enjoyed myself while reading it. Probably more than I should have. That might have had a lot to do with Ellie and her personality though. She was pretty awesome. I mean, how many girls in YA haul off and clock a guy for messing with her? Not many.

Seth is a hard character to fall for because he's just so creepy. But he's also so sweet it's hard not to like him. This made reading Serial Hottie quite the struggle because Seth's behavior is enough to make you want to crawl out of your skin one moment, and then totally dismiss that behavior the next. His whole relationship with Ellie was so strange that I basically had to dismiss everything creepy he did and just enjoy the silly story for what it was.

I loved how Ellie's parents and sister were involved in her life and in more than just a get-in-the-way sort of role. I especially loved Angela. At first I thought she'd be the standard annoying sister who, for some reason, hates her sister, but I was pleasantly surprised when she took up Ellie's we-live-next-to-a-serial-killer cause. It took her a little while to come around, but she was surprisingly caring towards Ellie and I loved that! Honestly, I felt Seth and Ellie's developing relationship paled in comparison to Ellie and Angela's. I've read so few books with such a strong sibling relationship that I totally fell in love with the Westley sisters.

If you're looking for a different sort of rom-com, and aren't totally freaked by semi-possessive boys with a temper and a dark past, give this one a try. Just remember it is a book called Serial Hottie, it's not meant to be taken too seriously.

Grab your copy HERE!


“Bruno, no! Stay! Bad dog!” I called when I realized he wasn’t going to stop. But it was too late.

Bruno jumped up and knocked me right off my skates.

Everything happened so fast. I crashed back against my driveway hard, and for a second, things went totally black. When I came to my ears were ringing, my head was pounding, and I felt like I was going to vomit at any moment. Then, just as I’d suspected would happen, a giant tongue attacked my face.

Bruno only got the chance to give me one good lick before he yelped and fell limp beside me.

That’s when I looked up to see the new guy staring down at me with the most intense eyes I’d ever seen.

And, get this. He was holding a Taser. “Hi, Ellie,” he said in a strong, deep voice. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Well of course I screamed. The psycho just killed the Haskins’ dog. I screamed loud enough that the J’s probably heard me all the way at camp. Then I tried my best to push the new kid away from me, but he was too strong. I would have freaked out that such a hot boy was touching me, except I was too busy freaking out that such a hot boy was touching me! Pinning me to the ground, actually.

“Easy there, Ellie,” New Guy ordered me and then did the weirdest thing ever. He took off his shirt.

Not that I didn’t appreciate what was under his shirt, but I screamed again. Well what was I supposed to do? The guy comes out of nowhere, kills a dog, pins me to the ground, and takes his clothes off? Oh yeah, and he knows my name. How does he know my name?

It wasn’t until he wadded up his shirt and plastered it against the back of my head that I realized maybe he wasn’t attacking me. Once I understood this it finally dawned on me how much pain I was in.

Author Top 10:

1. I went to college as a voice performance major

2. I once competed in the Miss Michigan Teen USA pageant. (I did not win LOL.)

3. I’m a baseball fanatic. (Go D-backs!)

4. I broke my head as a kid and had to wear a hockey helmet to school.

5. I own my own 10-sided dice for role-playing that no one but me is allowed to role.

6. I wrote my first novel when I was fifteen.

7. I’m a big fan-fiction geek.

8. The Backstreet Boys were my 1D, and I was a total fangirl.

9. I love Broadway musicals.

10. I love to play golf. (Though I totally suck at it.)


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