Saturday, September 20, 2014

Shuffle Saturday (75): Shake It Off

Every Saturday I'll be posting a random song off of my iPod. Everyone can feel free to join in, just leave a link to your Shuffle Saturday post in the comments! This week's song is:

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

The first time I heard this song I thought it was cute and catchy, but then I watched this video. This video is like everything that makes Taylor Swift so popular. She's just adorable and totally herself no matter what.

What are you listening to?


  1. I love this song and this video to bits! Can watch it over and over :)

  2. The first time I listened to this song I was like...ummm okay...but then listened to it for a second time and got addicted :D I love Taylor Swift, her style, voice and how original and different from one another her songs are.

    I'm mostly listening to Dark Horse by Katy Perry. :P

    BTW, I watched Vampire Academy the movie and found it quite entertaining. Also heard on YouTube that movie #2 was canceled because they didn't collect enough money. Is it true? :(

    1. Yes, it was cancelled because they could only raise about $200,000 and it wasn't enough. It's sad because I didn't think the VA movie was so bad, but they definitely could have made it even better if they had the chance to continue the series.


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