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Blog Tour: The Violet Fox by Clare C. Marshall

Today I'm excited to be a part of The Violet Fox blog tour! Clare C. Marshall, author of The Violet Fox, was kind enough to stop by to talk a little about how her main character, Kiera, transformed into a Robin Hood figure. She's also currently crowd funding the sequel, The Silver Spear, so if you read and enjoy The Violet Fox, make sure to check out The Silver Spear Indiegogo campaign.

There are two kinds of people in the land of Marlenia.

The Marlenians, who live on the surface, and the Freetors, who are forced to live underground.

The war between them ended two hundred years ago, but the Freetors still fight for the right to live under the sun. Fifteen-year-old Kiera Driscoll embodies the Freetors’ hopes as the Violet Fox. In a violet cape and mask, she sneaks around Marlenia City stealing food and freeing her people from slavery.

Then the Elders task her with a secret mission: retrieve a stolen tome that contains the secrets of Freetor magic, something the Marlenians both fear and covet. Kiera must disguise herself as a noblewoman and infiltrate the Marlenian castle before the Freetor-hating Advisor finds out her real identity, before her brother is imprisoned because of the secrets he hides, and before she falls any more in love with the prince she’s supposed to hate.

More is happening in the castle than she realizes, and Kiera is faced with a difficult choice. Will she be loyal to her people and their fight for freedom, or will she be loyal to her heart?

How The Violet Fox Basically Became Robin Hood:

The Violet Fox is a story that has been with me for most of my life. Girl who lives in a society where part of its people are forced to live underground, and goes to the surface to steal food so she can survive. Even in its earliest draft, Kiera Driscoll is a protagonist who is constantly thinking about the welfare of her people, even though she’s only fifteen.

She didn’t really become a Robin Hood character fully until one night many years back, when I watched The Mask of Zorro for the millionth time.

There are many scenes in that movie where Zorro is running around, showing off, flirting with the woman he comes to love, but even with all the fun scenes, he has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. And it’s that playfulness, that stubbornness, and that passion I wanted to capture in the writing and the character.

After watching it that particular time, I ran upstairs to my room and wrote much of the first chapter, which is in the book now. She runs on top of walls, on top of market stalls, and jumps onto a moving carriage and partially maims the prince, who she later comes to love.

The Violet Fox truly becomes Robin Hood with her legendary status, which is part of the backstory. No one can catch her. She’s not an archer, she’s pretty good with a knife, but it’s her wits and her agility that save her in most situations. She steals from the wealthy surface folk and gives to her poor people. She wears a violet cape made from tattered royal banners, which is an intentional political statement. These qualities give her her name: violet for the cape, and fox for her cunning and speed.

I wrote an article on my website a while back about why Robin Hood is sexy and I think the one difference between Kiera and Robin Hood is that Kiera is not very compassionate to her enemies. She has a much more black and white view of the world that becomes greyer as her story progresses and she spends more time on the surface.

In The Silver Spear, the sequel due out next year and the book I’m crowdfunding currently, Kiera and her prince journey across the land in search of a powerful artefact that could turn the tide in the brewing war with the other provinces. While her Robin Hood days are mostly behind her, she finds herself romanticizing the past and wishing she didn’t have to deal with war on a worldly scale. She longs for the days of the simplicity of right and wrong, when she could steal what she wanted for her people. But she finds that her wits and her agility come in handy once more as she travels across the land and faces new dangers and old enemies!

You can visit the Indiegogo page for The Silver Spear HERE.

About the Author:

Clare C. Marshall grew up in rural Nova Scotia with very little television and dial up internet, and yet, she turned out okay. She has a combined honours degree in journalism and psychology from the University of King’s College, and is a graduate from Humber College’s Creative Book Publishing Program. She is a full-time freelance editor, book designer, and web manager. She enjoys publishing books through her publishing imprint, Faery Ink Press. When she’s not writing, she enjoys playing the fiddle and making silly noises at cats.

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