Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spotlight: Parallel Hearts by J.E. Darnbrough

Today we're spotlighting Parallel Hearts by J.E. Darnbrough, a YA fantasy romance. Check out the excerpt from the preface below!

What if you discovered your soul-mate was from an alternate universe?

When small town high school senior Anna Scott, loses her family in a mysterious accident and wakes up to the charming and mischievous Aaden Cross, her quiet and predictable world takes an impossible turn.

Sent from the parallel universe of Everly, Aaden reveals the unimaginable secrets Anna’s family have kept hidden leaving her feeling lost and second guessing everything she’s ever known. Without her twin sister to turn to, Anna struggles to understand the significant role she’s expected to play in Everly, and why the unlawful Valdorian clan is hell bent on taking her for themselves. But as Anna discovers the responsibilities and sacrifices that come with being a Descendant, she can’t help but break the one promise Aaden needs her to keep. Now, Anna must decide between doing what’s right or risking everything to follow her heart.

Excerpt from Parallel Hearts:

His brutal honesty hits me square in the chest, like an invisible dagger jabbing me over and over again until my heart breaks open like the promise I couldn’t keep. Crumbling beneath the weight of his words, I slide down the wall until the bathroom floor catches me like an old friend. I can’t breathe and the burning in my chest ignites every time I replay his voice over in my mind. Why did I let myself fall so easily, even when I knew it wasn’t right? Like drops of rain with no river to call home, heavy tears fill my eyes and pour endlessly down the sides of my face. I should have known, I yell at myself, slamming my fist against the floor until my hand feels as numb as my heart. I should have known not to let him get close enough to hurt me.

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