Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blog Tour Guest Post: Ley Hayley, author of The Fire's Princess

Today I'm excited to be a part of The Fire's Princess blog tour! You might remember we had Ley stop by back in March with a guest post about the first book in the Elemental Royals Trilogy, The Forest's Heir. Check out the synopsis:

Rose has lost everything she's ever known.

Her father has been murdered. She has fled her home in the Forested Land to take refuge with King Andrew Rivers in a foreign kingdom.

Her home is under the control of a tyrant king, one who will stop at nothing to see Rose and all of her family dead. She has to fight to stay hidden, stay alive, and find a way back home.

Now Rose must find a way to organize a rebellion to get back to her homeland, as well as win the hearts of a kingdom that doesn't know her. With lords scheming with hidden agendas and her own secrets threatening to be exposed, Rose must face enemies she never expected and find a destiny she never planned for.

In the stunning sequel to The Forest's Heir, Ley Hayley takes readers on a journey through court intrigue and matters of the heart. The Fire's Princess truly is a fiery ride!

Ley's Favorite Scene from The Fire's Princess:

I think my favorite scene that I wrote for this novel was the scene where Rose starts learning to fight. I've always been one of those writers who doesn't believe in the idea of writing "strong" female characters. I think that diminishes the fact that a woman on her own is strong and viable. I want to write real women, women who are just as strong as they are weak, who crave love and affection but can stand on their own two feet. I want a character who is well rounded. I'll take that over a "strong" female any day.

So that's what really drove me to write the scene where Rose decides to learn to defend herself, where she tricks Andrew into allowing her to travel with the army. Historically, it wasn't very unusual for women to travel with the army--after all, someone had to cook and serve as nurses while the men where fighting battles. (Not a very feminist statement, but it's historically true.) There are also historical examples of women who lead armies--Katharine of Aragon led the English army against the Scots while Henry VIII was in France, Joan of Arc led the French army to break the siege of Orleans, and Elizabeth I led the English against the Spanish armada. They're rare, but they happened. And I think Rose is a rare sort of breed of woman.

It was so much fun to do research on how to correctly shoot a bow and use a sword. I got to watch a lot of videos to see the correct movements and poses. And when I sat down to write the scene, I thought about how I would feel in a situation like this. One thing I love about the scene is that Rose isn't perfect. Even when Andrew and Phillip push her as far as she can go, she makes mistakes and she screws up and doesn't do what she's expected because she just can't. And I love how she gets frustrated and is scared by what she's got herself into.

It's in moments like this that Rose is real to me, when she lets her fears and mistakes show. Those are the moments that I love to write. And I hope those are the moments that my readers enjoy. Because that's when the real being of these characters shine through.

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