Friday, April 11, 2014

Spotlight: Sapphire by Sarah Fay Olson

Today we're spotlighting Sapphire by Sarah Fay Olson! Sapphire is a fantasy full of adventure and romance. Check out the synopsis:

In the kingdom of Asteria, Layla has dreamt of nothing but royal balls and falling in love. On her sixteenth birthday, she receives the invitation to the annual Autumn Ball and it doesn't seem like life could get any better when the Prince falls for her. But the fairy tale is short-lived as Layla soon learns the truth about her murdered parents and is given a sapphire that changes her life.

About the Author:

Sarah Fay Olson is a native Floridian that began writing her debut novel, Sapphire, during her senior year in high school. She enjoys reading young and new adult books whether they are dystopian, fantasy, adventure or romance. When she is not reading or writing, Sarah enjoys horseback riding, playing the violin, and watching movies.

For more about Sapphire check out these sites!

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