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Guest Post: The Greatest Superpower by James McGovern

Today we have a guest post from James McGovern, author of Martin King and the Space Angels! James is talking about how superpowers play a huge role in his book and how he chose which powers were right for his characters. Check out the synopsis for Martin King and the Space Angels:

Martin King is in love with Darcy Williams, but he is afraid to tell her his true feelings.

One evening, he is walking home with Darcy and his cousin Tommy when an alien approaches them. His name is Falcon, and he is a member of a race called the Axis Lords. Falcon explains that an evil force called XO5 is looking for an object of great value on Earth. He gives the teenagers special powers and tells them that they must find the object before XO5.

The teenagers soon find themselves involved in a massive, universal conspiracy. Somehow, Martin is at the centre of it all. But who really is the mysterious XO5 – and what does he want with Martin?

Martin King and the Space Angels is the first book in the Martin King trilogy.

The Greatest Superpower by James McGovern:

What is the greatest superpower? The ability to fly, perhaps? Or possibly the ability to read minds? To my mind, the greatest power exists in the mind—that is, the power of writing.

It would certainly be nice to teleport, or move objects with one’s mind, or travel in time.

However, only writing can give a person ultimate freedom. When we write, and write well, we are—quite literally—becoming the god of our own world.

As the god of my book, Martin King and the Space Angels, I initially faced a very important creative decision. The premise of the Martin King series is that three teenagers get superpowers of their own. But what superpowers? I could have made them all writers, but that may have bored teenage readers.

At first, I decided that Martin would be able to fly, Tommy would have superhuman strength, and Darcy would be able to transform into any animal. When I began to write, I started to regret my choices. Darcy’s ability was actually limiting the plot—I was creating situations to give her a chance to use her power, rather than letting Darcy’s power move the plot along. It was the same with Tommy’s power.

So I changed their powers. Martin kept his power of flight, but Darcy lost her animal-morphing capability and learned how to create and control fire instead. I took away Tommy’s great strength and gave him the power of omnilinguism (the ability to speak and understand every language). After that, the book was much better.

I would advise any writer of ‘teen superpower’ fiction to think carefully about the story before deciding on the powers. That way, you can choose the superpowers that are best-suited to your characters and that will be the most interesting for the reader.

And remember—if you are a writer you have the greatest superpower of them all!

James McGovern is an author and poet. Martin King and the Space Angels, the first book in the Martin King series, is available on Amazon.

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