Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spotlight: Morning Glory by Allison Blanchard

Last year I reviewed Allison Blanchard's paranormal romance, Forget Me Not, and today I'm so excited to be featuring the sequel Morning Glory! Jump back into Adeline and Cole's love story by checking out the excerpt from the prologue below!

This war is far from over. This war is only the beginning.

For Adeline Jasely, the threat of both her life and the lives of those she loves is only getting greater as she delves deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the Chippewa tribe. As she falls more in love with Cole, she must make a choice: stand up and fight for what is right or wait for the next person she loves to be taken away.

Book Two in the Forget Me Not Trilogy, Morning Glory continues the saga of Adeline and Cole, their newfound love, and the threat of those who wish to end it all.

Will Adeline grow stronger under the threat of more war and bloodshed or will she be unable to fight for those who need her?

Excerpt from Morning Glory:

I had always been afraid of death, ever since my parents died. I lived in fear that one day it would take me as well, or someone else who was more precious to me than my own life; I just never imagined that it would happen so early in my life, before I had even begun truly living. 
I watched helplessly as his body fell to the ground. In those moments, all of our memories collided and crashed inside of me, slowly suffocating me. Living without him was not an option. 
Suddenly, death seemed kind; kind, only if it was to take me as well. His body hit the ground with a sickening, bone breaking noise. I ran to him and fell next to his broken and battered body. If his heart stopped beating then, likewise, mine would as well. I closed my eyes and allowed the darkness to swallow me.

For more about Morning Glory check out these sites!

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  1. I haven't read the first book but I feel like I have heard of these books! I love the cover it's simple but really pretty! The story sounds pretty good as well. I'll have to check goodreads and see if these are the books I'm thinking about.


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