Thursday, January 2, 2014

Spotlight: Blue Dome by J.G. Gill

Happy New Year, everyone! Today we're spotlighting Blue Dome by J.G. Gill. You can check out an excerpt by downloading a sample HERE! Check out the synopsis:

It's an ordinary Thursday afternoon when sixteen-year old Clare de Milo arrives home from school to find that intruders have broken into her house and everything's been destroyed. Her father and step-mother are missing and, scrawled in blood on a bedroom mirror, is the word 'RUN'. Clare and her brother Bede have suddenly become fugitives, uncertain who they can trust as they try to escape the relentless pursuit of the mysterious and dangerous Demarge. But why is Clare, a mere teenage girl, so important to a man as powerful as Demarge? And why is he determined to use her to gain entrance into a secret sanctuary known as the Slipworld? These are the questions that Clare, her brother, and their friends must attempt to answer as they discover that the world they know is not all it seems...

About the Author:

J.G. Gill lives in London where she writes novels for young adults. 'Blue Dome' is her debut novel and she is currently working on the sequel. You can visit her on Facebook or at her website, You can also get in touch with her on Twitter @JGGillBooks. A free excerpt of Blue Dome is available on Amazon HERE.

For more about Blue Dome check out these sites!


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