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Guest Post: Top 3 Favorite Romances by Brenda Maxfield

Today, Brenda Maxfield is stopping by to talk about her top 3 favorite romances of all time! Brenda is the author of Buried Truth, a YA romance about revealing what lies beneath the surface. Check out the synopsis:

Nearly a decade has passed, but Mags can’t forget what she did. Now at 17 years old, the shame continues to haunt her, coloring her world. She throws herself into every worthwhile project available, struggling for redemption.

Andrew can have any girl he wants — and he wants them all. He revels in his reputation as player. Or so everyone thinks. Nobody knows what lies beneath the fa├žade.

When Mags takes it upon herself to fix Andrew’s reputation, she doesn’t count on falling for him. Nor is she prepared to have her own carefully reconstructed reputation smeared.

Will either of them trust each other enough to reveal their true selves or their true motivations? Will Mags ever be forgiven for what she did?

Top 3 Favorite Romances by Brenda Maxfield:

My high school students are always sharing their latest book discoveries with me. I’ve actually seen these nearly-adult students jump up and down with excitement over their latest find. Often, they insist that I read the book immediately after they’re finished.

I’ve discovered some great reads that way. I’ve also trudged through some real duds. I don’t like to share my dud score with the kids, though, since they were so delighted to share and far be it from me to do anything to dampen their literary enthusiasm.

My students have broadened my range of reading significantly. I never would have tried a vampire book without them. Ha! I have to admit I actually enjoyed a few vampire romances before becoming saturated. At that point, I declined any further offerings. (Although, their thirst for the genre hasn’t waned.)

My students know I like a good teen romance, so they’re particularly keen on sharing romances with me. I’ve had to ensure that the books are school-appropriate, which usually isn’t a problem. Although, I have become savvy of a few lines that made this schoolteacher blush!

Thinking about my most, most favorite (I know that’s bad grammar) romances, however, I have to revert to an old classic, a movie, and a personal story.

I think I was in the ninth grade when I first read Gone with the Wind. The length didn’t put me off; after all, my head was always in a book and entertainment for me was riding my bike to the library. What surprises me even now is that I read every page of that book (more than once), even those pages steeped heavily in war history. Historical fiction — not my genre. But Margaret Mitchell was genius. She got me so invested in the characters that she could’ve thrown in an intergalactic war, and I’d have kept devouring the pages.

I don’t know about other readers, but I became Scarlett as I read. Southern belles were miles away from my personal knowledge, but I was Scarlett — tiny-waisted, charming, scheming, and drop-dead gorgeous.

My second favorite romance is Pretty Woman. I’ve always been a sucker for a character who starts with everything against her and rises to the top. And let’s face it, having Richard Gere play Edward didn’t hurt a bit! I’m a sucker for a happy ending, and no matter how absurd this one was, I loved it.

And I’ve loved it more than once because I’ve watched the movie repeatedly!

My third favorite romance is my own. My publisher had a call-out for true love stories last year, and I simply couldn’t resist. So, the novella Someday You’ll Laugh was born. Starring… drumroll, please… yes, me! I had an absolute blast writing my own love story. I sat over the keyboard sometimes cracking up, sometimes weeping, but always captivated by the memories. Before I submitted the story, I read it aloud to my hubby. (With trepidation, I might add.) I was completely relieved when he cracked up at the right times and got teary-eyed in the right places.

We may all show it in different ways and at different levels, but I like to believe that romance shines in all our hearts. I think many of us would agree that it shines most brightly in the hearts of inexperienced teens. There’s nothing like that first love.

Since most of my time is spent writing YA novels, I am ever eager to add that twist of new love in my stories. For my readers pleasure, yes! But also for my own.

About the Author:

My passion is writing! What could be more delicious than inventing new characters and seeing where they take you?

I'm a teacher so I spend most of my waking hours with young people. I love chatting with them and hearing their views on love and life. My students are magical, and I am honored to be part of their lives.

I've lived in Honduras, Grand Cayman, and Costa Rica. Presently, I live in Indiana with my husband, Paul. We have two grown children and three precious grandbabies, special delivery from Africa.

When not teaching, I love to hole up in our lake cabin and write -- often with a batch of popcorn nearby. (Oh, and did I mention dark chocolate?)

I enjoy getting to know my readers, so feel free to write me at: Visit me to learn about all my books and some smart and sassy, clean teen reads:

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