Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Teaser Tuesday (59): Roses by G.R. Mannering

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading.

This week's teaser is from Roses by G.R. Mannering. It's a Beauty and the Beast retelling with a true fantasy feel. It's the first Beauty and the Beast retelling I've ever read where the Beast is actually a beast!
He tried to balance on his hind legs, but Beauty placed her hand on his shoulder to stop him. It was the first time that she had touched him since the ball and they both shivered.

{Roses, pg. 257}

Synopsis of Roses:

A dark rendition of the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast!

'As the gates clicked shut behind them, she heard the distant roar of a beast.'

She bears no name. Her silvery appearance is freakish to the numerous inhabitants of Sago, the cosmopolitan capital of Pevorocco in a fantasy realm. With her mother vanishing at the instance of her birth, she is sent to live with the cruel, rich Ma Dane, where she is punished daily for something, though she knows not what. Tauntingly named Beauty, she flees Sago in a violent uprising that sets out to massacre all Magics and journeys to the furthest point of the country.

But Beauty cannot hide in the grassy Hillands forever. Before long, the State officials find her and threaten to take her back to war-torn Sago where death surely awaits. In a midnight blizzard she escapes them, running into a deep, enchanted forest to a great and terrible beast who will bargain for her life.

But can Beauty accept Beast? Eternity is a long time.

G. R. Mannering's eloquent style and creative retelling of a timeless classic illuminates the plight of Beauty and the Beast, bringing a new layer to this beloved tale.

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