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Release Day Blitz: Deadly To Promise by Mia Hoddell

Today we're celebrating the release of Deadly To Promise, book two in the Elemental Killers series by Mia Hoddell! Make sure you enter the giveaway down below! And check out the synopsis for the book, along with a short excerpt:

Becoming an E.K isn’t a choice for Serena – it’s a necessity to survive. To destroy the Elementals she has to leave her old life behind. She has to train and follow a strict regime. But with time against her, she has only a few weeks to master the skills Kai spent his whole life perfecting.

The knowledge passed down from her ancestors is crucial to the Elementals demise and the success of their mission. However, the path they must follow is lined with riddles, each more confusing than the next. It doesn’t matter how close to succeeding they get, it’s never enough. The Elementals are one step ahead at every revelation and that can only mean one thing – the E.Ks have a traitor among them.

Top 5 Weirdest things found when researching Elemental Killers:

That’s a hard question to answer as there wasn’t much research involved in creating the series. I invented my own island on Earth and parts of the story are based on real life experiences. All I researched was mythical creatures when I decided I wanted a paranormal element and tiny details like weapons etc. I came across a lot of weird creatures so I’ll list those instead.

1. A dragon that has two heads but they are made out of plums. This was definitely the weirdest thing I came across.

2. A goat that is half fish so its bottom half is a tail rather than hooves.

3. Manticore – a lion’s body with a tail made from poisonous spikes (like on a porcupine). It can shoot these spikes when attacking. It also said to have a man’s face.

4. Phooka - an Irish goblin who are shape shifters. They often take the form of a horse or goat and known as pranksters. They also notorious kidnappers by breaking into houses Santa Clause style.

5. Barbegazi – A type of Swiss Gnome that live in the mountains. It means ‘frozen beard’ and its said they can dig themselves out of any depth of snow so like riding avalanches. Their call is also meant to sound like the wind.

Excerpt from Deadly To Promise:

“Have you ever been swimming here?” I asked moving my head to watch his reaction as I brought my feet up out of the water and folded them beside me. 
“Yeah, most summers when I came here. We all used to use it as a way to cool off or just have some fun in between training.” 
“How about skinny dipping?” I asked my grin growing due to the thoughts running through my head. 
“Why? You want to try it?” he challenged. 
“Only if you go first,” I laughed but stopped instantly when he removed his shirt and tossed it behind us. My eyes widened in surprise and I started to regret my words. “You’re not being serious are you?” I stuttered as he pulled off his shoes, throwing them over to where his shirt was crumpled. 
“You can’t chicken out now Rea. It was your idea,” he said smiling as he removed each sock, teasing me as they ended up with the rest of his discarded garments. 
I just stared at him, my lips moving but not making a sound as I tried to find an excuse. 
He laughed at me. “Relax Rea, I’m just teasing you. Well unless you’ve changed your mind. In that case I’m being deadly serious.” He had a cheeky grin on his face as he spoke and I pushed him hard, toppling him into the water below. 
There was a lot of splashing but Kai surfaced finally, taking a deep breath as he flicked the hair out of his eyes. I was clutching my stomach in fits of laughter as I bent over. The shock on his face was priceless. 
“Oh you are so dead Rea, so, so dead,” he said, his voice ragged as the cold water and shock affected his half naked body. I just continued to laugh as he floated in front of me, his head bobbing up and down in a comical way.


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About the Author:

Mia Hoddell lives in the UK with her family and two cats. She spends most of her time writing or reading and loves anything paranormal. Mia always had a love of writing but never reading. She was more interested in sports and hated sitting still - despite getting three poems published before the age of sixteen. Finally though, she found some novels that captured her interest and developed a love of reading which is now one of her favourite hobbies.

Mia began with poems before moving on to short stories. Although she enjoyed this, Mia found she had too much to tell with too little space, so later on she created her first series 'The Wanderer Trilogy' and from there other ideas have emerged. With a total of nine books planned at this moment, she is busy working on her second series 'Elemental Killers' before moving onto the next idea on her ever growing list.

For one week only, both Deadly to Love and Deadly to Promise are 99c / 77p!

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