Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spotlight & Giveaway: The Phoenix Rising: Destiny Calls by Phenice Arielle

Today we have an excerpt from The Phoenix Rising: Destiny Calls by Phenice Arielle as part of The Phoenix Rising Blog Tour! There's also an awesome giveaway so make sure you enter down below! Check out the synopsis:

Sure, Kay’s parents didn’t think twice about sending her to therapy.

After all, Kay fully believes that she just narrowly escaped an explosion, watched a handsome co-ed walk through fire for her—oh, and that she battled an extremely skilled foe to the death—all before her 10 AM class!

They’re just dreams of course, but when this talented NYU student wins a coveted trip to South Africa, she soon finds out the truth—that everything her parents TRIED to convince her wasn’t real actually lies HIDDEN deep in a jungle Kay once assumed was paradise.

Now, if Kay can survive the hand-to-hand combat and the one with the ivory dagger who wishes her death, Kay may just get the answers that unlocks her dreams. Kay might even fall in love. On the other hand, our brave girl may get an answer to something she never wanted to know the answer TO:

What happens… when you die.

Excerpt from The Phoenix Rising:

“What do you remember?” 
I could barely make out the unfamiliar voice through the blinding light. I could barely even catch my breath, before being shoved back down into the piercingly cold water—a hand over my face—my arms and legs strapped down in the clear water-filled contraption. 
I gasped for dear life when the hand finally let me come back up for air. The voice wanted to know something I couldn’t remember. I was going to be killed for something I couldn’t remember. And, I had a feeling, it was something I didn’t want to remember. But my life was at stake. “Nanyamka, please remember!” I screamed at myself inside of my head. 
Boom! The explosion sent two guards flying. I knew I should help, but it was my only way out—my only way back—back to the land that I once called home. So I took my advantage and made a dash for the door. But it had found me even here.

I thought I should run—again—but the low warning roar stopped me. There was no time left. I quickly turned around, and took out the ivory-white dagger that was handed down to me. There was no tribe—and no crown—but I braced myself for the battle that was upon me. Because I had made my choice—destiny or not.

I then prepared for the worst, and hoped my loved ones knew—that no matter the outcome; when the sun had set, and the wounds had healed, the phoenix would rise, and I would return again.


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