Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Giveaway: Entranced Goes From Blush to Rush!

Yesterday, Entranced Publishing changed the name of their YA imprint from Blush to Rush, and I couldn't love it more! The name Rush just appeals to me more than Blush. Blush sounds romance-y and sweet, whereas Rush makes me think action and romance and so many other things that I love finding in a good YA book.
Here's what Entranced is saying about the name change:
We feel the term Rush really captures the direction Young and New Adult romances are heading in,” CEO Ashley Christman says. “Whether you’re referring to the heady rush of first love or the more charged rush of sexual exploration and experimentation, Rush is energetic, it’s exciting—and it’s very much Entranced.
To celebrate the change Entranced is giving away three copies of every book currently available in the new Rush line, including Spirit World,  Elsker,  The Georgia Corbins,  In Stone and The Sacrificed. This competition will run from August 5 through till August 12. ENTER HERE!

Or enter to win signed books and more from the YARush Launch giveaway! ENTER HERE!

For more about Entranced Publishing and Rush check out their sites!


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