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Blog Tour Character Interview: Awakenings by JE Shannon

Today we have JE Shannon stopping by with Evie, the main character from Awakenings, to chat a bit! To celebrate her new release, JE is giving away a Kindle with an ecopy of Awakenings (US only). One runner-up will win an ecopy of Awakenings (open internationally). You can enter HERE! Check out the synopsis:

Evie Shepard awakens to a nightmare. She's been buried alive and has no idea how or why. As she struggles to remember what happened, she begins to notice changes –heightened senses, as well as increased speed, agility, and strength. And her heart no longer beats. She soon makes a disturbing discovery: she wasn't buried alive; she was murdered. Somehow, she has come back...and she wants revenge.

Character Interview with Evie:

JE: I’ve managed to slow Evie down for a bit and ask her some questions. She’s pretty antsy, so I’ll get through this as quickly as possible.

So Evie. Can you tell me a little about your life before...ummm.

Evie: Before I was brutally murdered and came back from the dead?

JE: Uh...Yeah. That.

Evie: It was pretty typical I guess. I went to school, I had friends. Honestly, I was never really into most things that teenage girls are. I would much rather have been involved in a good book than a pep rally.

JE: So you were a homebody?

Evie: *shrugs* I guess. I went to movies with friends, things like that. *laughs*

JE: What?

Evie: I had this one friend, Lacey. She was always so much fun. We liked to go running together early in the morning. At the end of the run we would climb this huge tree and just hang out. I’m going to miss that. It’s not like I can go back to my old life.

JE: I’m so sorry. I know this must be hard.

Evie: Don’t worry. I’ll make the people responsible pay for it. *sparks emit from her hands*

JE: Whoa. Ok, let’s move on. How is working with Ethan and Bo?

Evie: Complicated. Well, not with Bo. He’s about as complicated as a spoon. Ethan is the serious, down to business kind. Bo is anything but. I don’t know how they work so well together.

JE: Speaking of Ethan...

Evie: *Evie looks away* He’s smart, kind, and completely devoted. And he has a really great smile but...I really don’t want to discuss this right now. I have more important things to worry about right now. Like finding my sister. And finding my killer. *she smiles but in a completely frightening way*

JE: Well. I’ll let you get back to your...errr...hunting.

Evie: You know, whoever put us through all of this really must be a sadistic person. When I get my hands on them...

JE: *Interviewer backs away slowly* Well, good luck with that. *Runs for her life*

Book Trailer:

About the Author:

J. E. Shannon currently lives in Florida, but is a Missouri native. She spends most of her time reading, writing, and taking care of her small child and two crazy dogs. Visit her at

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  1. Ouch, she scares me. But that's good, okay, maybe not the murdering and the kidnapping and all that ugly stuff, I like her determination. But, uh, I would definitely stand at least ten feet away from her. *gulps*


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