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Interview: Samantha R. Anderer, author of Falling In

Today we have an interview with Samantha R. Anderer, the author of Falling In. Falling In is like the answer to any fangirl's dreams! Samantha has also been awesome enough to provide a promo code for 40% off at Createspace, so make sure you scroll to the bottom to check it out! 

Now that summer vacation has begun, Peyton Cole wants to relax and enjoy the last book of her favorite Young Adult romance series. She reads as Gavin Forrester and Venus Angeletti notice someone watching them from the bushes, and Peyton realizes they mean her. Suddenly she is part of their world, and she doesn't know how she got there.

Hot-beyond-belief Gavin seems attracted to her, and she thinks it might be fun to pop in and out of the book at will. Then everything changes when someone tries to kill her. Peyton wants to return to the safety of her world, but she can't get out of the story. Her best friends, her sister, and the boy who loves her rush against time to save her, but the truth may be more than they can handle.

Tell us about yourself.

For as long as I can remember, I've had characters and stories in my head. When I was little, I acted out adventures with my toys. When I learned how to write, I started capturing the adventures on paper. It wasn't until I was sixteen that I realized I wanted to do this for a living. Twenty plus years later, I'm still writing, editing, and honing my skills. I practically live and breathe my characters; when I'm not writing about them, I'm creating art about them. Who needs a life when you have characters? ;^)

In Falling In, Peyton is crushing hard on fictional, yet swoon worthy Gavin. This is something a lot of us fangirls can relate to. So did this idea form after an epic fictional crush of your own? If so, who was it who won your heart?

I'd like to say the story came from a fictional crush, but it really just popped into my head one day as I woke up from a nap. But I've been around a few fandoms, so I was probably influenced by all the fangirls out there who seem to be having a great time crushing on their fictional heroes.

Speaking of fictional crushes, who would you put on our top five list of book boyfriends?

You probably already have Stefan Salvatore on your list, right? I never read stories for the romance, but I really liked Stefan in the four original Vampire Diaries novels. He's serious, honorable, and tries to do what's right. I also liked Clayton Greene, a character from Julie Kenner's two-book Good Ghouls series from a few years back. One of my favorite movies is The Lost Boys, and Clayton reminded me of the Frog Brothers whom I adore.

Was there ever a moment while writing Falling In that you just felt like giving up? How did you get through it? Or how did you keep yourself motivated?

There are plenty of times that I feel like giving up while writing. Sometimes I will put a story away, but I come back to it eventually. I sort of have this grudge match mentality--the more difficult and annoying a task becomes, the more determined I am to finish it. Once I develop a grudge match with a story, I know I'll finish it soon.

What is your favorite line from Falling In and what makes it your favorite?

Please do not sit there and tell me that book is haunted. – Melia Kahala
That's my favorite line because Melia is the skeptic of the story. She doesn't want to believe anything supernatural is going on, so I think her snappy remarks really add to the story.

Excerpt from Falling In:

The book lay waiting for her atop her desk where she’d pushed back her laptop to make room. Balancing her plate in one hand and soft drink in the other, she stepped over the heaps of clothes, stuffed animals, and books that littered the floor. She sat down on her desk chair, took a bite of her sandwich, and then opened the novel to the place she marked with a fan-made bookmark she’d printed out. The bookmark featured a fan’s drawing of Gavin and Venus in each other’s arms. The drawing was very close to the way Peyton pictured them in her mind, but she thought Gavin would be even hotter than that. It was too bad she didn’t have artistic ability. Creating the characters the way she saw them would be fun, and she could put her own image of Gavin on her phone and take it with her wherever she went. 
Peyton swallowed another bite, wiped her fingers with her napkin, and began to read. 
Chapter 7 
As Time Goes By
I can’t believe it’s already almost the middle of August. As cliché as it sounds, it’s absolutely true that time flies when you’re having fun. I’ve had so much fun here in this town, and I never want it to end. To think I thought it was going to be a terrible summer! I met the love of my life, and I never want to lose him. 
But time is getting away from us. Summer vacation will soon be over, and I’ll have to go back to my dismal life and get ready for my senior year. I’m so afraid I’ll never see Gavin again after August. Everybody tells horror stories about long distance relationships, but I really want to believe that Gavin and I are different. I want to believe our love is strong enough to withstand a year apart, and we’ll find each other again after high school graduation. Our love is like no other love in the world. It’s better, stronger, and more faithful. I have no doubt that we love each other more than any couple ever has or ever will. Our love has already been tested several times, and we’ve come out of all those tests together and more solid than ever. 
But another part of me still worries. Will our time apart make us forget the way we love each other? Will we change over the coming year and lose sight of each other? Will he meet someone else, someone much more deserving of him than I am? That question scares me the most—after all, I almost blew it with him last month when I met Zach. I don’t know how I almost let someone else come between us. Will Gavin do the same? 
I shook my fears away. There was no point in dwelling on them now. We still have two weeks to be together, and I wasn’t going to ruin it by worrying. I showered and got ready for my date with Gavin. We were going to meet at the park for a little private time before we joined our friends for dinner. As far as I was concerned, we could never have enough private time. 
When I arrived at the park, he was waiting for me. It was amazing the way he always took my breath away just by doing ordinary things like sitting on a picnic bench. He looked like the finest work of art without even trying. Sometimes when I look at him, I can hardly believe he’s mine and that he wants me. 
He stood up when he saw me, and when I reached his side, he took me in his arms. We only saw each other a few hours ago, but being in his arms again felt like the
sweetest reunion after a long, lonely separation. I felt like everything was in its natural place when we were together. 
“I missed you,” he whispered in my ear, and his warm breath sent shivers down my spine. “I wish we never had to be apart. I watch the clock and count the minutes until we can be together again.” 
My chills increased with his every word. We were always on the same wavelength, always thinking and feeling the same way. I was going to tell him so, but his lips met mine, banishing all need for words. Our kisses spoke on a higher plane that words could never reach. 
But then, like a bolt of lightning striking us down, our moment was interrupted by the sound of rustling bushes. We jumped apart. “Someone is spying on us!” I exclaimed, and I gazed around at the brush for the offending party. I hoped it was only some pervert, and Zach wasn’t back to try again to steal me from Gavin. 
I spotted movement in the bushes twenty feet across from us. “There! I see someone moving right there!” 
Gavin leaned forward for a closer look. “Come out, whoever you are. We can see you.” 
With a jolt, Peyton realized they were talking to her.


This trailer was hilarious because it was created using The Sims! Made my day!

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