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Author Interview: Cat Mann, author of A Beautiful Fate

Today we have an interview with author Cat Mann. She's talking about her novel A Beautiful Fate and  she's been kind enough to give away an ebook! As an added bonus she's offering a special half off discount until July 14th, 2013 over at Smashwords. You'll find the deal and coupon code below if you're interested in checking out the novel! Check out the synopsis of A Beautiful Fate:

Obsessive and driven by nightmares, Ava Baio is uprooted from her Chicago home after the untimely and tragic death of her loving mother. Taken across country by her antagonistic grandmother and placed as a boarding student at a school in Dana Point, California, Ava struggles with isolation and the loss of her mother and her grandfather. Faced with having left her beloved brownstone behind and attending a new school, surrounded by new faces and unfamiliar scenery, she finds herself sorting through unfamiliar and uncharted feelings with a strange and beautiful boy, Ari – a modern day Adonis. After an unconventional start to their relationship, Ava becomes intensely absorbed by her love for Ari, and with his help and the help of his family, she discovers who she really is – a Fate descended from Atropos. She learns that the Greek mythology she grew up reading is not comprised of myth after all.

Ava faces constant challenges both in her relationship with Ari and with the fact that she is being hunted by six threatening and ruthless men who want nothing more than for her to die so that they can live forever. She has no choice but to stand up for those she has come to love. In doing so, she becomes something she hates, a killer.

A true page-turner, A Beautiful Fate is Part One of The Beautiful Fate Series. The novel is full of suspense, romance and the allure of ancient Greece. Ava and Ari will leave the reader hoping the story will never end.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a twenty-nine year old book- lover. I am married to my awesome husband, Derek. We have been married for 6 years now and together we have two little girls ages 5 and 3. I grew up in Springfield Illinois (Land of Lincoln!) and I currently reside just outside of Springfield in an itty-bitty town near the Sangamon River. When I am not writing, I am either running my girls back and forth from dance class or reading whatever may be in front of my nose.

Greek mythology seems to be a trend among authors these days. What is it about mythology that inspired you and how is A Beautiful Fate different from some of the others out there?

Greek mythology has always amazed me. I love the creativity and imagination behind Homer’s epic poems. I am not quite sure where my inspiration came from, but when I set out to write, Greek mythology just seemed like a no-brainer. I believe that A Beautiful Fate is set apart from the other mythology-inspired books out there because of the countless amount of time and research that went in to this project. A Beautiful Fate takes the stories from ancient Greece and puts a fresh spin on them. New stories emerge from the descendants of beloved Greek characters in a truly unique and awesome way.

I know authors sometimes infuse some of their own personality traits or characteristics into their characters. Do you share any traits with the characters of A Beautiful Fate?

I most certainly see myself in a few of the characters in the novel. Ava, the story’s protagonist, and I shared more qualities than I think I would like to admit sometimes! Ava and I both share an immense love for music, we are obsessive, neither of us likes to be touched and we are both pretty crabby in the mornings. I thoroughly enjoy people watching and I see parts of different people I know in my life interwoven in the various characters.

If you could go back in time to when you first started writing A Beautiful Fate, what is one piece of advice you'd give yourself?

I set out to write The Beautiful Fate Series about two years ago. I finished book one and quickly moved in to book two, A Broken Fate. I began writing book three, A Forsaken Fate about ten months ago and decided, half way through, to take a break from writing the third book so I could concentrate on working closely with my editor on the first two novels. I am just now trying to get back in to the swing of writing book three and I am struggling to find the time I so desperately need to write. If I could go back in time, I would definitely have never taken a break in writing the series.

What is your favorite line from A Beautiful Fate and what makes it your favorite?

My favorite line in the novel comes from Ari when he says,
I love the girl that’s in my bed.
I love this line because the words came directly from my husband. The first novel was already complete and off at the editor when I woke up one beautiful morning with my husband at my side. He said those exact words and I smiled so hard, I knew I had to incorporate the line into my book.

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  1. Greek Mythology! I love books about Gods and Goddesses. Thanks for for the interview :D


  2. Just finished A Beautiful Fate and it was great! I love the way the author used the Greek Mythology in a modern day story. The characters are so well written that I feel like I know them as friends. The love story of Ava & Ari is amazing and sweet. Can't wait to see what happens in the next book!

  3. This sounds interesting. I've always been a big fan of Greek mythology. I love reading legends of heroes and the impossible adventures they embark. And I also love making fun of Zeus because half the problems are his fault to start with. :)

  4. Read it! Loved it! This is the best book I have read in a long, long time. I highly recommend A Beautiful Fate to any YA/NA book lover. It was serious so good!


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