Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shuffle Saturday (32): Ghost Town

Every Saturday I'll be posting a random song off of my iPod. Everyone can feel free to join in, just leave a link to your Shuffle Saturday post in the comments! This week's song is:

Ghost Town by Shiny Toy Guns

It's been a couple weeks since my last Shuffle Saturday so today I'm posting a Shiny Toy Guns song! I love this song. I've only just seen the video and I'm not really sure about it. The animation is awesome, but... eh, not really my thing. Still love the song though!

What are you listening to?


  1. I find it cool that all the different post for Shuffle Saturday are all so different. You get to hear a variety of music.
    My Shuffle Saturday

  2. This is such a cool song! I haven't heard any songs from Shiny Toy Guns before. I'll have to check more of their songs out.

  3. Ahh poo Youtube won't let my country listen to this one! DAng it!!




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