Friday, June 7, 2013

Crushing On... Evie Greene from Poison Princess

I've noticed tons of memes and features that focus on which books are coming out and who's getting ARC's of what and heartthroby quotes and that's totally fun to read about, but what about discussing the finer details of those books, like say, the characters? The only one I've stumbled across is My Book Boyfriend by The Unread Reader which I love! But it's a little narrow in it's scope. Not all of the character's I love are book boyfriend material. Some of them aren't even boys! So, I came up with my own feature, just to rant and rave about the things I love most about books. Because this is why I started book blogging. To rant about my favorite books, my favorite worlds, my favorite characters. To have a safe place to go off the deep end about why I LOVE THIS CHARACTER SOOOOO MUCH. You can't do that in polite society, you know. Some people *eye roll* seem to think it's weird to talk about fictional people and places like they actually exist. I, however, condone this behavior. I actually encourage it! Thus, Crush On was born.

Once a month I'm going to have a post dedicated to a fictional character I have a crush on. Boy, girl, Grimalkin from The Iron Fey series, it doesn't matter. I'll tell you why I'm crushing on them and maybe include some quotes to show why I fell hard and fast for them. And anybody can feel free to join in at any time, so don't hesitate to share who you're crushing on!

This month's Crush is:

Evie Greene
from Posion Princess by Kresley Cole

Does it seem odd to anyone else that I chose Evie as my first Crush instead of Jackson Deveoux? Because Jackson is mad hott! (Oh yeah, he gets the extra T. If you don't already know that head over to my review of Poison Princess and find out what you're missing, because you are definitely missing some STUFF!) Anyway, Jackson's a super hot hottie with a badass crossbow, so why on earth is he not my Crush pick?

That's easy. Because Evie is the one who has to deal with Jackson and all of his brood, therefore I respect her. Too many times in YA the male character is the one earning respect and swoons and the title of badass. And Jackson totally earns all of those things, but so does Evie. She's not Miss Plain Jane high-schooler who, for SOME reason, has all the boys lusting after her. She's a hot, rich chick who has all the boys lusting after her ;)

But seriously, she's an intelligent character who not only has to learn how to live in the world after the apocalypse (AKA the Flash), but she has to do so while caring for her injured mother! That's huge. That's real. That's not, Oh, there's an apocalypse and everything I've ever known is gone and now I have to start my life over in this world where I have nothing and no one so I think I'll just attach myself to this cute boy I just met. No. That's, My mom is dying and this boy who hated me in high school just showed up at my door and I don't trust him so what the hell am I going to do because I need to get my mom to a damn doctor? Plus there's the whole vision thing Evie's trying to deal with. She has no idea what her visions mean, but she knows she needs to find her grandmother fast and figure out what to do with them, because, oh yeah, they're real and they terrify her.

And then on top of all the stress the girl's dealing with we add in Jackson. Ole' Jack is a lot of things, but easy to handle is not one of them. He's a live wire, or more aptly a case of dynamite ready to explode. He's got a lot weighing him down in life. Even though the life he knew is over, he still carries the chip of being the poor kid, the ruffian, the punk who will never be better than the bayou. And most times he takes all that anger and frustration he's got penned up inside of him out on Evie. My hat goes off to this girl because as I see it, there are only a few ways to handle Jackson. One, she could swoon and give in to him because he's hot (like smokin' hot, but still, grow a backbone, girl!). Two, she could say, "Eff off, dude," and continue on her journey by herself because it isn't worth the hassle. Or three, she can do precisely what she does. Say, "Eff off, dude," when it needs saying, but stick with him because she's smart enough to know she needs his help and, yeah... because he's hot.(Well, she mostly does this. There's one time when... Well, anyone would have stormed off THAT time.)

Then there's the secret not even Evie knows about. The one that makes her tough as nails (or thorns *wink, wink*) and able to take care of herself just fine, and then suddenly the tables are turned and Jackson isn't the one with the temper they need to worry about anymore.

So even though I have a crazy, fangirl crush on Jackson, it's Evie I'm girl-crushing on this month. He might be strong, but she's stronger, he might be badass, but she's a bigger badass, he might have a secret sensitive side, but she knows when she's in over her head and needs him to keep her sane. That and a million other things leave me crushing on Evie Greene.

Have you read Poison Princess yet? Did it leave you with a deeply seeded girl crush on Evie the way it did me? Or are you crushing on someone else entirely?


  1. Oh I love this idea! Great post! There are so many crush worthy characters in YA. I haven't read this book yet but I have been dying to and it sounds so good! I love it when characters are intelligent. :D

  2. I love the sound of this book and have the paperback to read, will hopefully get to read it soon. Thanks for sharing.

    Katie ~ Turner’s Antics


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