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Blog Tour Spotlight: The Faerie Prince by Rachel Morgan

A few weeks ago we spotlighted Rachel Morgan's The Faerie Guardian and today we're spotlighting the sequel, The Faerie Prince, as part of the blog tour! Check out the excerpt and giveaway!

Guardian trainee Violet Fairdale is just weeks away from one of the most important occasions of her life: graduation. After messing up big time by bringing a human into the fae realm, Vi needs to step up her game and forget about Nate if she hopes to graduate as the top guardian of her year. Everything would be fine if she wasn’t forced to partner with Ryn, her ex-friend, ex-enemy, current ‘sort of friend’. They might be trying to patch up their relationship, but does she really want to spend a week undercover with him for their final assignment? On top of that, the possibly insane Unseelie Prince is still on the loose, free to ‘collect’ as many specially talented faeries as he can find—and Vi is still at the top of his list. Add in faerie queens, enchanted storms, complicated not-just-friends feelings, and a murder within the Guild itself, and graduation is about to become the least of Vi’s problems.

Excerpt from The Faerie Prince:

Setting the scene: Violet is attending her graduation ball (although she’s rather be anywhere else than in a ballroom) and she and Ryn have been asked to open the dance floor.
Ryn stops me. “Music’s changing,” he says. “You don’t get to sit down until you’ve performed your dancing duty.” 
Oh crap oh crap oh crap. Okay, I can do this. Move forward. Don’t trip. Just relax and allow the spell of the music to guide your feet through the dance. It’s as easy as that. 
“Interesting,” Ryn murmurs as we head slowly to our doom. 
The way he says it, I know he wants me to ask. “What?” 
“You’re actually nervous.” 
“Am not,” I respond immediately. 
“Your pulse is jumping in your neck. Your hands are sweaty.” 
I move to wipe my hands against my skirt. “Don’t.” Ryn catches one of my hands.

“You don’t want everyone to know you’re nervous, do you?” He loops my arm through his and leads me to the center of the ballroom. He holds his head high, and I can just about feel the confidence oozing from him. 
“You’re enjoying this,” I whisper. 
“What, being the center of attention, or knowing that you’re nervous?” 
After a pause, he says, “Maybe just a little.” 
We reach the center of the horrifyingly huge room, and I turn to face Ryn. I certainly can’t wipe my sweaty hands dry now, but I don’t want Ryn to have to touch them either.

I hurriedly mutter the spell that Aria and Jasmine always use to dry themselves off after training. The music changes once more, and I can sense from the magic that we’re just moments away from having to start the dance. Panic rises in my chest and threatens to claw its way out of my throat.

I. Don’t. Dance. 
“I don’t know what you’re panicking about,” Ryn says, putting my left hand on his shoulder and holding up my right hand. “You danced perfectly well at Zell’s masquerade.” 
“If I remember correctly, you pulled me onto the dance floor without my consent.”

I swallow, trying to push the panic down. “And I didn’t have an entire ballroom of people watching me.” 
Oh dear Seelie Queen I’m going to trip in these heels and land on my butt and my dress will tear right down the middle and everyone will see my ridiculous enchanted underwear and— 
“V, you have to stand a little closer to me if this is going to work,” Ryn says, interrupting my panicked thoughts. 
“Right,” I whisper. I feel the spell of the music wrap around me as I step closer to Ryn. My feet get ready to move, and I certainly hope they know what to do because all I can think about now is how close Ryn’s chest is to mine. Close enough to feel his heat. Close enough to smell his—

And . . . that seemed like a good spot to cut it off!


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About the Author:

Rachel Morgan was born in South Africa and spent a large portion of her childhood living in a fantasy land of her own making. After completing a degree in genetics, she decided science wasn’t for her—after all, they didn’t approve of made-up facts. These days she spends much of her time immersed in fantasy land once more, writing fiction for young adults.

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  1. And here I have another series to add to my 'Read-Now!' list. Love the excerpt! Cut off way too soon though :)

  2. I really love these covers. I have The Faerie Guardian on my TBR list and will have to move it up. Thanks for sharing and the giveaway.

    Katie ~ Turner’s Antics

  3. Thanks so much for doing a blog tour spotlight!


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