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Blog Tour Review: Georgetown Academy: Book 4 by Jessica Koosed Etting & Alyssa Embree Schwartz

Title: Georgetown Academy: Book 4
Authors: Jessica Koosed Etting & Alyssa Embree Schwartz
Publisher: Coliloquy
Publish Date: June 11th, 2013

When the vice president resigns and Ellie and Taryn’s parents emerge as the frontrunners, the girls find themselves back in the spotlight.

Ellie could not care less about becoming the Second Daughter, but she knows how much the opportunity to make history means to her mother – and women everywhere. With her family taking center stage, Ellie must decide whether she can put her feelings for Gabe on hold - again.

Taryn, so used to captivating the hearts and minds of everyone she meets, is unbothered by the increased media scrutiny. But an inopportune screw-up has her beholden to an unlikely – and unfriendly – source for help.

Overnight, Evan has skyrocketed from social pariah to Miss Popular. As she and her reluctant parents adjust to her new lifestyle, the last thing she needs is a front-page scandal.

Brinley can’t stop thinking about her Stowe-bound hook-up…until her father’s intern, Patrick, starts flirting. Is it time to abandon her fling now that she has a more appropriate suitor?

With the second highest office in the land up for grabs, everyone is picking sides. But where does the heart lie when duty, truth, and love collide?

The girls of Georgetown Academy are back and the stakes are higher than ever in Book 4 of the Georgetown Academy series by Jessica Koosed Etting and Alyssa Embree Schwartz. Stress levels are high for Taryn and Ellie as they not only try to survive high school romances, but also survive being pitted against each other while their parents run for Vice President of the United States of America. But they aren't the only characters being put through the ringer in this one!

Brinley really won me over in Book 3, going from a character I felt sorry for to one I really liked. And I liked her even more in Book 4! I liked seeing the hardworking PR side to her as she helped her dad groom the Reyes family to be in the political spotlight. She took her role seriously, even though she was never the biggest fan of Taryn Reyes. I also like the way Brinley always handles the men in her life. She doesn't get so worked up over boys the way the other girls do. She knows boys come and go and while she has a couple of crushes in this book, she knows that boys aren't the be all end all of life. Brinley has always held my respect and I hope she gets a guy who respects her too! *cough* Shane the Bellhop! *cough*

Evan has always been one of my favorite characters in this series. She's dedicated and hardworking and her relationship with Hunter has always been so cute. And the way she deals with her problems in Book 4 has just reaffirmed what I've always thought about her. She's an incredibly good person at heart and deserves much more than she gets. At least she has the adorable Hunter to comfort her while everything else seems to be going wrong in her life.

I would love to see Ellie and Taryn get together and talk about all of their fears and worries. I think those two would see the world, and themselves, a lot differently afterward. It's so funny to see them both dealing with the pressure of possibly becoming the Second Daughter and constantly questioning their choices, from what they say to the press to which dress they wear to the Dedication party. They are so much alike, yet they both wish over and over to be as cool and collected as the other one. It was interesting to see two totally different people having the same worries and how they both handled the stress. I'd really love to see them become friends now that they aren't being labeled as enemies in the press!

Okay, now, if you've read my reviews for Books 1, 2, and 3 already then you know I have a slight crush on Brooks Madison. Alright, maybe it's more than just slight... But, boy, does Brooks earn every bit of that crush in this book! I don't want to give away any details, but the advice and comfort he gives to Taryn is just... I can't even! He's just too incredible, and getting better and better in each book!

If you've read these books you know just how fun all the politics and drama can be, so you'll definitely want to get a copy of Book 4 as soon as possible. If you haven't read this series yet then now's the perfect time to start. You can find all four books in one amazing bundle, Georgetown Academy: Season One! Trust me, after finishing book one you'll be glad you have the other three handy!

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  1. Hey Jesse, I have #1-3 of this series and have requested # 4. Not heard anything on NG yet. I can see you love it so I must read it :D

    Great review!


  2. Great review, Jesse. I still haven't managed to start reading this series yet. Desperately want to, so hopefully soon. :)



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