Saturday, May 4, 2013

Instagram Photo A Day Challenges!

So this month I'm participating in two photo a day challenges over on Instagram! I don't know how many of you have Instagram, but it's a great place to connect with other book lovers and to see many awesome pictures of shiny books! So if you don't have one maybe think about joining and participating in one of these challenges since they just started a few days ago. Plenty of time to catch up!

Book Soulmates is hosting the first challenge.

(From top to bottom: Introduce Yourself, Bookcase, Book Quote, Favorite Series)

Raegun Ramblings is hosting the second challenge I joined.

(From top to bottom: What I'm Reading, Me, Bookmark, While I Read)

If you have an Instagram and would like to follow me, my name is @JesseBurgoyne. Or leave your username in the comments and I'll look you up!



  1. These photo challenges look like a lot of fun! I don't have an instagram though so sadly I won't be participating =(

  2. oh!! I will follow you at Instagram!!

  3. Have fun with the challenge, sounds great and I LOVED that quote from The Eternity Cure. I laughed so much with Jackal and the fluffy dice...hehe!!!



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