Saturday, May 11, 2013

Guest Post: Why I Write Young Adult Fiction by Michael Grigsby

Today we have a guest post by Michael Grigsby, author of Triad Awakening, a new horror fantasy! Michael's talking about why he writes YA. Check out the synopsis Triad Awakening:

Sixteen-year-old Hagan Curtis's life is a total mess-alcoholic single father, recently deceased brother (Robin), and social invisibility-until an eerie encounter with a trio of ghostly sisters reveals he is part of the Triad. Armed with newfound battle skills and wielding his amazing split-staff, Hagan plunges headlong into training. But soon he discovers that membership in the Triad can be lethal as Spectrals, Necropeds, and Feeders from other realms show just how bloodthirsty they can be. As his team plummets deeper into their first mission, Hagan learns that his brother’s death resulted from Robin’s knowledge of the Triad, and those closest to him are keeping dark secrets. Will Hagan survive the terrifying mission to finally untangle the mystery of Robin’s death?

Why I Write Young Adult Fiction by Michael Grigsby:

I’ve worked as a teacher for fifteen years. In all those years, I’ve really loved reading and writing with my students. I’m amazed at the unlimited imaginations of young people! To keep current (and find great books for my students), I started reading Young Adult novels. I was amazed at the huge variety of subgenres and talented authors that were out there.

Okay, I’m going to make myself sound really old here, but when I was a teenager, there really weren’t YA books. Nope-just children’s lit and adult fiction. There’d be an occasional author or two (like Lois Duncan) who’d try to write things just for teenagers, but for the most part, the Teen shelf in the bookstore would be as empty as a school on Saturday.

Thankfully, things have changed. In my opinion, YA authors are the most creative and edgy out there. After all, in what other genre do angels date mortals, vampires try to pass 9th grade English, and kids are forced to choose between warring factions in a post-apocalyptic world? No wonder Young Adult fans are so nuts about this stuff-it’s fantastic!!

So, when I decided to write my first novel, there wasn’t even a question about the genre-it was Young Adult all the way. Many of my former students that are in high school have read my book and have given me lots of great ideas for the sequel. And now that I’m the father of a teenager, I’ve written a book that my son and I can enjoy together. I can’t think of anything more rewarding as an author.

For more about Triad Awakening check out these sites!


  1. I can't imagine having no Young Adult books! ="( That's so cool that all his students are reading Triad Awakening and giving him feedback.

  2. Great guest post! Yes grab those young brains and see what they have to input, very valuable advice:D


  3. This was a blast to read. The story moves along at a great pace. The characters are well developed. It was a very enjoyable and fun read. Highly recommended.


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