Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shuffle Saturday (29): Shake Senora

Every Saturday I'll be posting a random song off of my iPod. Everyone can feel free to join in, just leave a link to your Shuffle Saturday post in the comments! This week's song is:

Shake Senora by Pitbull

I have to confess, I have this weird love for Pitbull. His songs are like the cotton candy of the music world—completely hollow, but oh-so-good. And then there's the fact that whenever I listen to this song I'm reminded of that scene from Beetlejuice...

What are you listening to?


  1. Lmbo Beetlejuice! I used to like Pitbull but I just can't stand him anymore. I'll admit his songs are catchy but oh so vulgar (not a fan).

    My Shuffle Saturday

  2. Wow, that really woke me up -- had to get up early today :(
    Thanks for sharing!

    You can find me here: Jen @ YA Romantics

  3. I really can't help but dance to the beat! I like Pitbull, his songs don't have a deep meaning, but there's a bunch that are light and fun. Every time he comes on the radio, I burst out singing with him. Can't help it :)

  4. We've all got some musical cotton candy we like, haha ;) I'm personally not a fan of Pitbull but I can't deny that his songs are catchy!


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