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Review: The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa

Title: The Eternity Cure
Author: Julie Kagawa
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Publish Date: April 30th, 2013

Allison Sekemoto has vowed to rescue her creator, Kanin, who is being held hostage and tortured by the psychotic vampire Sarren. The call of blood leads her back to the beginning—New Covington and the Fringe, and a vampire prince who wants her dead yet may become her wary ally.

Even as Allie faces shocking revelations and heartbreak like she’s never known, a new strain of the Red Lung virus that decimated humanity is rising to threaten human and vampire alike.

The Eternity Cure, the second book in Julie Kagawa's Blood of Eden series, starts off as epically as The Immortal Rules ended. And it only gets better from there. From rabids, to disgruntled cannibal mole people, to super plagues the action is ratcheted up in this intense sequel.

I usually need a romance in order to become fully attached to the character. I love romance, and rarely enjoy books that don't feature a love connection between its characters. And The Immortal Rules did set up a forbidden romance that I really liked. But the moment I started reading The Eternity Cure I was like "romance shmomance, let's get this show on the road!" For whatever reason, I found myself not missing the love interest too much and just wanting to see Allie in full on badass mode. But that's the thing. Allie is such a strong heroine and her love interest, Zeke, just doesn't seem to balance her out. She's good, he's good, and together they just sort of annoy me. In The Immortal Rules they had a cute childish romance, but now? I think both characters have grown as individuals, but as a couple they are just plain boring.

It's like, I'm being told they want each other, but that's all it is. I'm told how dangerous it is for them to be together and how they don't care because they care too much about the other. But their "forbidden" romance doesn't really have any consequences, only that we are told every time Allie approaches Zeke that she wants to drink his blood. Big deal, she clearly has no issues tamping that urge down. It's really all more tell than show. I don't know if Kagawa wrote their relationship that way for a reason (*fingers crossed they'll slowly grow apart*) but whatever the case, I'm just not buying them as couple.

We were introduced to psycho vampire Sarren in The Immortal Rules, but in The Eternity Cure we get to find out just how big of a nut job Sarren really is. And let me tell you, this is one psychopathic villain. He's terrifying in his insanity, completely unpredictable. Most of the twists and turns in The Eternity Cure are due to his unpredictable nature.

Now, usually I'd be going on and on about the love interest at this point, but as I said before, Zeke just doesn't do it for me. His relationship with Allie was cute at first, but now it just seems forced. So, instead, I'm going to talk about Jackal. Oh, Jackal! Call me crazy, but I'm pinning all of my faith for the rest of this series on Jackal. A villain on the precipice of becoming a hero? Yes, please! I'll take Jackal over Zeke every time. As Allie's blood brother, he might not ever be a contender for her heart, but a girl can dream, can't she?

The Eternity Cure is one of those rare, stunning sequels that eclipses it's predecessor and just leaves you even more in love with the series and characters. It leaves you desperate to know what will happen next. I won't say the ending was shocking, but it was emotional and terrifying and will leave you wishing you had the third book in your hands right away. If you're a fan of Kagawa's work, The Eternity Cure will not disappoint. And if you're one of those people who claim to be burned out on vampire novels, give this series a chance and rekindle your love of the evil bloodsuckers!

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  1. I definitely didn't enjoy this one as much as you did, but I definitely agree about EVERYTHING you've said about Allie and Zeke's relationship. I'm way over it!

    I think both characters have grown as individuals, but as a couple they are just plain boring.

    THIS is EXACTLY how I feel about them! Thank you for finally putting it into words for me! Haha

  2. It's like you were talking right to me with the last sentence! That is exactly what I was going to say in my comment, that I'm burnt out on the whole vampire craze. Even though I really enjoyed your review and obvious love of these book I just don't think I can do it.

  3. I haven't read the first book in this series yet but I still have to read my ARC (O_O I know lol) which I do plan on reading. I like the premise of it and it sounds like so many really enjoy it. The sequel sounds like a very sold installment too which is a relief--I often am so disappointed with them! I'm also so curious about the ending you make it sound like the ending I absolutely love and that really make the book memorable!

  4. I've read many mixed reviews of The Eternity Cure, so it's been kind of worrisome to decide whether its worth the time or not. The Immortal Rules was great, but you are right on how the romance is kind of meh........... Jackal sounds so epic!! Cannot wait to meet him.

    Angie @ YA Novelties

  5. Fantastic review, Jesse. I am currently reading The Immortal Rules and I am hooked at the moment. Love Julie's The Iron Fey books and was excited to read this different series from her. It is unique and I can't wait to read this one, once I'm finished the first. Thanks for sharing.

    Katie ~ Turner’s Antics


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