Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spotlight: A Whisper in the Jungle by Robert Mwangi

Today we're spotlighting A Whisper in the Jungle by Robert Mwangi. It's a story that travels from deep in the jungles of Africa to New York City! Check out the synopsis:

Deep in the African jungle where even the bravest are afraid to venture, lies a truth that will propel James through his improbable American journey, if he can come out alive. James a village boy in Africa receives a scholarship to go and study in America and he becomes the envy of the whole village. His girlfriend Janny is however skeptical of what a long distance relationship can do to love. But when Janny vanishes from the village, James and his dog Simba plunge into the belligerent forest at the risk of his life and his American dream. Love transcends all. 'A Whisper in the Jungle' is a suspense story full of love, humor and adventure, where the answer to love's dilemma lies with a perfect kiss at the top of the Empire Building in New York City.

About the Author:

This young adult novel was inspired by some personal experiences and features a real native tribe under the hills of Mt. Kenya.

As kids in Africa, we were always curious about the Western world across the Oceans. The only problem was that our teachers emphasized on us reading African novels and learning about our culture. But many a times, I stole myself under a tree and enjoyed an Enild Blyton book or a John Grisham novel.

Change is the only inevitable thing in life. My book represents change and blurs the margins between worlds Oceans apart.

For more about A Whisper in the Jungle check out these sites!

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  1. I really love how this book is based off true events and life style, not being all made up. Thanks for sharing!

    Angie @ YA Novelties

  2. This looks like an interesting read


We love to read them. :)

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