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Spotlight: Eternal by Virginia Hust

Today we have an excerpt from Eternal by Virginia Hust. Eternal is a young adult urban fantasy novel. Check out the synopsis:

Three hundred years of penance, of suffering through an immortal life has left Maura praying for salvation. She joins a group bent on gaining back their souls by awakening The One and after a rather bleak few years in Cairo she thinks they’ve found him. But after a meeting with her sire goes terribly wrong she is trapped in the enemy camp. How far will she go to survive?

Gabriel is a normal, if rather jaded private detective living in Seattle Washington, until a beautiful woman shows up at his practice, claiming to be a vampire and asking for his help. Suddenly his life is turned on its head as he is introduced to the underground society of Fallen Angels bent on finding their savior.

Excerpt from Eternal by Virginia Hust:

Chapter One: Walking the Line
Gabriel relaxed, propping his feet on the desk before him. The glint from the patent leather reflected the beauty of his own honey colored eyes back to him. 
He was decidedly bored. He hadn’t caught a case all week and his last client seemed to have disappeared off the face of the planet. The slow incessant whirring of his blade-less fan lulled his already sleep fogged mind. It was not nearly noon, yet a nap was beginning to sound divine. 
He leaned the large padded, black leather, desk chair back and closed his eyes. The radio was playing some country hit that sounded more like pop to his sensibilities, but the sweet voice of the female vocalist was sending him to dreamland none the less. 
He nearly fell out of his chair when the buzzer for the front door went off. 
He glared at the intercom box hanging haplessly beside the door. Maybe someone pushed the wrong button, he thought hoping against hope he could begin to drift back to sleep. 
His dreams were crushed, when again the annoying buzzing echoed through the room, drowning out the radio. 
“Oh fine, I’m coming.” He grumbled, pushing himself out of his chair and striding the five feet to the intercom system. “May I help you?” He asked pressing the button. 
“Detective Massy?” A honey sweet voice carried from the speaker. He raised an eyebrow feeling like a character from an old sleuth novel. 
“Yeah.” He responded, waiting for the punch line. 
“May I come up?” This time humor laced the pretty voice. He coughed, happy whoever the mystery woman was she couldn’t see him. 
He pressed the release button. “Come on up Miss” 
He sat back at his desk just as quickly as he could, it wouldn’t do to be standing when he saw the body that belonged to the sultry voice. 
It was, as it turned out, one of the better decisions he had ever made. 
She was tall, her pretty sundress hugged her curves in all the right ways. Long, dark, ebony hair hung over her shoulders in shimmering waves. He tore his eyes from her figure looking into dark, deeply amused eyes. 
“My name is Andromeda Lincoln, Mr. Massy and as cliché as this may sound I believe I need your help.” 
He smiled shaking his head and stood to take her hand. “Please Ms. Lincoln tell me what’s troubling you.” 
She sat prettily, crossing her ankles and throwing a manila folder filled to bursting onto his desk. 
He glanced at them, pictures, hundreds of pictures stared back. The subject was always the same, although seen from multitudes of angles, there was no doubt who they were pictures of. Gabriel glanced up at the strange woman, suddenly feeling all too naked under the stare of her black lined eyes. His face gazed up at him from the black and white prints, moments of his life immortalized. 
“Why have you been following me Miss. Lincoln?” He asked softly, picking up a print that showed him licking an ice cream cone. He couldn’t remember the last time he had eaten one and that scared him. 
“Oh Detective Massy, I have so much I tell you.”

About the Author:

Virginia Gamsky Hust is a full time student and wife, living in the sunny state of Florida. Her work is an eclectic mix of her favorite genre's. She works implicitly with Sarah Maddox her best friend and editor. Virginia is a dog lover and shares her life with not only her husband but also a miniature poodle named Apollo.

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  1. Oh this sounds like a good and dark read! I hadn't heard about it before.

  2. I haven't heard about this one yet, but It sounds pretty interesting.

    Anatea @ Anatea's Bookshelf

  3. Love the excerpt! Sounds dark and mysterious. Very classy too :)

  4. Definitely sounds like an intriguingly dark read! Thanks for sharing!

    Angie @ YA Novelties


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