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Spotlight & Author Interview: Happily Never After by Missy Fleming

Today we have an interview with Missy Fleming, author of the young adult paranormal Happily Never After. We've also got an excerpt from the prologue, so make sure you check it out! Here's the synopsis:

There's no such thing as happy endings.

Savannah, Georgia is rumored to be the most haunted place in America. Quinn Roberts knows it is. She's felt the presence of spirits her entire life, investigating and photographing them with her best friend. Only none of those encounters ever turned violent, until now. The menacing darkness feeding off her stepmother has promised she won't live to see her eighteenth birthday.

After a chance meeting Quinn reluctantly allows actor Jason Preston into her life, which has complications of its own. She's not used to letting people get close. Falling for him while fighting for her life, and her family's legacy, only complicates things more. Jason shows her exactly what she stands to lose, especially when she's being attacked by the mysterious entity. Each attack is more violent and terrifying than the last.

With Jason's help, she dives into the Roberts' family history, searching for a link between a woman who went missing a hundred and fifty years ago and what's happening now. What they find is a brutal murder and that the ghost doesn't just want to hurt Quinn, it wants revenge.

It wants her life.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I've been writing as long as I can remember. It started out as poetry and grew into actual stories. I live in Bozeman, Montana, right by Yellowstone National Park so my writing time is often at war with my love of the outdoors. Winter gives me lots of time to hunker down and get stuff done. I'm single, LOVE traveling, and often victim to my overactive imagination. I read all the time, too. I love books and being a part of this community of writers and readers is great. It's a big family.

In your novel, Happily Never After, the main character Quinn Roberts is a paranormal investigator. Have you ever done any paranormal investigating if your own, or run into any spirits?

I haven't done any investigating...yet! I want to. I live near a lot of ghost towns and you can't walk through them and not wonder. I will say I work in a hotel and before working there, I wasn't as big of a believer as I am now. My dream is to go on a hunt with the guys from Ghost Adventures one day!

Do you have a favorite book so far in 2013 or maybe your favorite of 2012?

So far in 2013, it would have to be The Indigo Spell (Adrian...sigh) and Shades of Earth by Beth Revis. Both parts of awesome series that I wish would never end. For 2012, Cinder blew me away as did the entire Game of Thrones series. Yeah, finished all the books in a matter of weeks :)

Do you have a favorite line from Happily Never After and why is it your favorite?

I've always loved the first line for some reason.
Mama always told me Savannah was home to more than just the living.
It sets the tone and has a haunting quality to it. The last line always make me giddy too, but I can't put that one here :)

Excerpt from Happily Never After by Missy Fleming:

Mama always told me Savannah was home to more than just the living. I remember her telling me stories of ghosts and magic, and things that normally belonged in fairy tales. Her rich, syrupy voice would wrap round me with a magic of its own, making me believe. She said all you had to do was step out onto any street and you could feel it in the air, tickling the edges of your imagination, inviting you in. 
We lived in one of the oldest houses in the historic district. A tall, proud home fronted with white columns standing like guards against the unrelenting Georgia humidity. Mama said that besides her, Daddy and me, we also lived with a little boy and a soldier from the War of Northern Aggression. They crept through the house at night, moving furniture or crying. She said they even stood guard at the end of the bed. I never saw that. For me, it was always a flicker of an image, a brush of wind on my face, or the glimpse of something from the corner of my eye. I never gave them a second thought. In Savannah, you were only considered odd if your house didn’t have ghosts. 
I was seven when Mama died of an aneurism. She once told me our loved ones never truly left us, and those words were a comfort to me during that confusing time. At least they were until late at night, when Daddy was already asleep, and the shadows pulsed around me in their silent dance. Those shadows made me wonder what happened to her. 
One night, as I watched the shadows dance, I wondered where she truly went. To my child’s mind, if the city were as haunted as she said, she must still be there somewhere. All I needed to do was find her. 
The following mornings, on my walks to and from school, I searched for her everywhere. I investigated the slightest breeze or tiniest movement of the bushes. Every night, when my house fell silent, I wandered through the rooms asking for her. When I saw something out of the corner of my eye, I begged them to find Mama and bring her back where she belonged. Each time I felt cold fingers walking up my spine or the hair on my arms and neck stand up, I whispered ‘Mama’ into the darkness. 
In all my years of searching, I never found her.

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