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Review: Georgetown Academy Book 3 by Jessica Koosed Etting & Alyssa Embree Schwartz

Title: Georgetown Academy: Book 3
Authors: Jessica Koosed Etting and Alyssa Embree Schwartz
Publisher: Coliloquy
Publish Date: January 14th, 2013

The frosty chill that’s settled over Georgetown Academy isn’t just from the winter weather—growing up in the D.C. fishbowl isn’t for everyone, but a break from the Beltway might just restore some sanity.

Ellie Walker’s suffered through a lifetime of scandal in a few short weeks, and now must watch her true love fall for someone else. But will a dose of fresh New England air—and an irresistible newcomer who plays by his own rules—provide the change of pace she so desperately needs?

Riding high after her smashing D.C. debut, Taryn Reyes hatches a plan to cement her relationship with Gabe. But she may get more than she bargained for when she enlists Brooks’ help.

Evan Harnett would do anything to protect her friends. But one moment of weakness, and now she’s on the outs with both Hunter and Ellie. Hot on the trail of a new story, she’s heartbroken to find it leads straight back to Ellie. Can she save her friend and their friendship?

Brinley Madison’s Clinton-esque downfall was bad enough, but between family obligations, protecting her friends, and managing local gossip, will she be able to regain her social standing without losing her peace of mind?

Privileged kids in a posh hotel with nothing to do but scheme and ski—and they thought D.C. was a pressure cooker? One thing’s for sure: what happens in Vermont definitely won’t stay in Vermont.

Skiing! That's what Georgetown Academy: Book 3 is all about. Well, really it's about the character's we've come to know and love going on their annual ski trip to Vermont and all the romantic drama and scandals that follow them there. At this point in the series we're far enough in that we know these characters and have a pretty good idea when they're making mistakes. I love all of these characters so it's interesting to see all of their problems finally coming to a head in Book 3. It's also probably my favorite book in the series so far and had me laughing out loud at some of the banter between the characters.

Taryn, one of my favorite of the GA girls, came off pretty whiny in the beginning of this book. But that lasted for, oh, about half a second. Once she hits the slopes with Brooks you really see that carefree, wild spirit that is an essential part of who Taryn is. Regardless of any relationship drama Taryn is always a pleasure to read about.

Poor Brinley. The girl may seem like your standard mean girl on the outside but on the inside she's got more depth than any of the other girls. I was so happy that she went to rehab and was proactively trying to get better after everything that happened in Book 2. And the fact that no one, aside from her brother Brooks, takes her recovery seriously just made me feel even worse for her. But at least she got to meet Shane, the adorable townie from the ski resort. Brinley far exceeded my expectations of her in this book. While her snobbery may know no bounds, neither does her loyalty to her friends and her resolve to do the right thing.

I felt terrible for Evan. For a girl who seems to truly want to do the right thing all the time, she really gets the short end of the stick. That just doesn't seem fair to me. But karma works wonders for sweet girls with crushes on nice boys, doesn't it? Well, it does in this latest installment of the GA series!

There is a bit of a bright side for Ellie finally. After meeting cute Weston and getting back in her mother's good graces things really seem to be looking up for her. Or is Weston really someone she should be trusting? What I love about Ellie is that, while she puts her mother's career ahead of her own feelings, she's not one to make stupid mistakes and I ended this book feeling proud of her.

Is there anything better than a handful of hot guys at a ski resort? No. No there isn't. And that's exactly what Book 3 gives us! The GA guys are out looking good in their ski gear (especially Brooks who Taryn actually compares to a Saks mannequin. Ha!). Speaking of Brooks, holy moly! The chemistry and banter between him and Taryn is off the charts. I always knew he was my favorite GA boy! As I was reading I kept having to pause to screech, Ohmygodhessocute!

If you've read the other books in this series then you'll definitely want to continue the adventure with the Georgetown gang as they travel to Vermont in this fun, drama filled third book in the series. If you haven't started this series yet, then please! Give it a try. I can't stress enough how in love with these characters I am. Also, we're currently giving away Book 2 so hurry over to enter to win a copy or yourself!

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  1. Oh dude I love this cover! Her books are awesome! I Don't think I've heard of this series before but I'd have to look at the cover for book 1 to know for sure--I'll be hunting it down! It definitely sounds like my kind of read and Taryn sounds like a great MC to go with it! Awesome review, chickie!

  2. I LOVE her boots! Totally goes with the dress! (okay, that was sort of a freak out moment). This book sounds like such a fun read. I've heard of their books before, but I never really checked them out. It's not really my sort of read, but this is totally a book my mom should get. It'll probably be a match made in heaven. :)

  3. It's great that your reviewing all of the books in this series. I love how this series focuses more on the characters and their maturation, rather than a superficial plot. Must give this series a try.

    Angie @ YA Novelties

  4. Nothing better than a handful of hot guys at a ski!! I should read these. Loved your review!



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