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Guest Post: Taming the Bad Boy by Tanith Morse

We have an awesome guest post by Tanith Morse, author of the paranormal romance Super Dark. Tanith's talking about her Top 5 Fictional Crushes! Who doesn't love talking about those, right? Anyway, check out the synopsis of her book, Super Dark:

Darkness stalks seventeen-year-old Sam Harper. Ten years ago on Halloween night, grotesque creatures snatched her best friend Elliot and Sam narrowly escaped with her life. Now a decade on, the police investigation has ground to a halt and Elliot’s whereabouts remains a mystery.

Traumatized by her ordeal, Sam finds it hard to make friends. She is mistrustful of authority and changed schools more times than she cares to remember. To her, the world is cruel and unforgiving.

Then she meets the enigmatic Lee Weaver. With his gorgeous face and magnetic presence, he turns heads wherever he goes. Sam has never wanted anyone as much as she wants Lee, but there are things about the seductive stranger that don’t add up, leading Sam to ask unsettling questions about her past. Soon she discovers the boy of her dreams is keeping a terrible secret: one that threatens to destroy everything Sam holds dear . . .

Taming the Bad Boy: My Top Five Fictional Crushes and Why I Love to Love Them

I have a confession to make. I’m a sucker for bad boys. Always have been. It started when I was thirteen and I read Jane Eyre. Mr. Rochester was my first major fictional crush. I mean seriously, I read the entire novel over three feverish nights and couldn’t stop squee-ing over how damned perfect he was.

It was the start of a life long obsession with bad boys and I am always on the look out for my next "Mr. Rochester" fix.

The hero of my novel Super Dark is Lee Weaver. He’s cool, sexy and intelligent with a dark edge that threatens to derail his romance with the heroine, Sam Harper. He has all the qualities I look for in a bad boy, and yes, writing him was a bit of wish fulfilment on my part *sighs*. But ladies, don’t you worry, Sam is more than a match for him and how she turns a bad boy good is one of the story’s key plot points.

Right, where was I? Oh yes. Here are my top five fictional crushes and why:

Travis 'Mad Dog' Maddox from Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster
Travis. Where do I start? *Takes a deep breath, tries to cool down* Travis is the ultimate bad boy and my current fictional boyfriend. He has tattoos. He drives a motorcycle. He’s an illegal fighter. Oh, and he wants Abby so bad he’ll do ANYTHING to have her. 
Seriously, I had a big dirty grin on my face for weeks after reading Beautiful Disaster and there are some passages (I won’t say which) that I’ve read so many times they are now literally engraved on my brain. Need I say more? 
Woo, okay *calms down a little*. On to the next …
Mr. Rochester from Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre
Charlotte Bronte wrote the guidebook on how to create the ultimate bad boy and Mr. Rochester is, in my opinion, the original gothic hero. With his brooding looks and high intellect, combined with an irresistible vulnerability, Mr. Rochester will always hold a special place in my heart (sorry Travis).
Stefan Salvatore from L.J Smith’s Vampire Diaries
I’m team Stefan all the way. Yes, I’ll admit there was a period around Season Two when I was torn between him and Damon but by Season Three, Stefan had totally won me over. I don’t know what it is. There’s just something beneath that dark exterior; a vulnerability that I find simply irresistible. I hope Elena makes the right choice …
Edward Cullen from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight
Some may argue that Edward’s not really a bad boy. That he’s so sweet and committed to Bella it’s hard to find a single fault with him. He really is the perfect boyfriend. I mean, this guy sits and watches Bella for hours while she sleeps! If that’s not commitment, I don’t know what is. But then again he is a vampire so that automatically makes him a bad boy in my opinion. I absolutely adore Edward and when I first read the Twilight books I was head-over-heels for him. That was … until Travis.
Heathcliff from Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights 
Damn, those Bronte sisters knew how to write the sexiest bad boys. After I’d finished with Jane Eyre I quickly moved onto Wuthering Heights and Heathcliff. Holy mother of God. Heathcliff! How do I love thee? The guy is the definition of tall, dark and handsome and his obsession with Cathy is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest love stories ever told. A must read.
Right, so we’ve come to the end of my top five fictional crushes and I’d like to take the opportunity to say "thank you" to my wonderful, lovely, amazing hosts for having me.

About the Author:

Tanith Morse grew up in Wandsworth, south London. From a young age she developed a great love of horror films and gothic romances. Her favorite director is Tim Burton and her favorite authors include Charlotte Bronte, Stephenie Meyer and Lucy Christopher. When she isn’t writing, Tanith enjoys directing short films for the festival circuit and looking after her cat, Mambo. An avid tea drinker, Tanith can be found hanging out in cozy London cafes in search of new brews to tease her taste buds. Super Dark is her first YA novel.


  1. LOL! I love your obsession with the bad boys, albeit slightly unhealthy. I'm kicking myself now for not reading those classics still. Darn it! But then again, Mr. Rochester is not exactly the best guy to be obsessed over...

    -Angie @YA Novelties

  2. I love Bad boys too! I so loved Wuthering Heights but I am totally team Damon who started out as a bad boy (at least we thought those till flash backs)

  3. Aah Stefan Salvatore is yummy! And dude I totally have to read Beautiful Disaster!!!

  4. Aah, thanks for the lovely comments guys. Team Stefan all the way, yay! But I hear you about the flashbacks. It put a whole new light on Damon's character, and I can't wait to see how things develop. Angie, you're right about Mr. Rochester. He'll always hold a special place in my heart but he can get a little crazy sometimes, lol. Overall, I'd say my biggest crush is still Travis. He takes bad boy to another level. Giselle, you're in for such a treat when you read Beautiful Disaster. It literally changed my world over night! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and here's to a fantastic 2013.Love and best wishes, Tanith xx


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