Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guest Post: The Difference Between Writing For Boy and For Girls Brenda Sellers

Today we have a guest post from B.L. Sellers, author of the children's book Mighty Meat Head. Mighty Meat Head is a short read, but it's filled with humor and adventure that's sure to appeal to many! Check out the synopsis:

One boy and his extraordinary body part, Humperdink Smitz is a normal preteen, loves the ladies, hates gym, and can't even catch a break with the cool kids. This all changes with one biographical comic in his town's paper, that catapults this comic drawing meat head into the spotlight. Will he get a big head or play it cool as he ventures into popularity and will the girl of his dreams ever give him a passing glance?

The Difference Between Writing For Boys And For Girls by Brenda Sellers:

Young girls

Beginning of story. . .

Once upon a time a lovely maiden found a slimey green frog, squeezed her eyes shut – puckered – kissed the frog?????

Poof! A handsome prince.

And they lived happily everafter . . .

The ending of the story.

Young boys

Once upon “the same time” the lovely maiden’s annoying next door neighbor Eddy found a frog and thought it was the coolest thing in the world! Chased it around the meadow, named it, took it to make mud pies, and had many adventures with it.

To describe the difference of writing for girls and what they want to read, in one word it would be – daydream. Eventually a setting of opportunity is established, and the invited, heightened anticipation by lacing chapter to chapter to its peak of, boy falls in love with girl, sweetly close the book. . . . more daydreams.

And for the boys – BOING! Boys seem to respond to continual occurrence. Concise chapters of rise and fall, stories in and of themselves. And humor. A great example is the classic Captain Underpants series.

Writing for either is a delight! (Truth be told, Eddy starts to look “not so bad”. The frog dies. The prince wasn’t all that he was hyped up to be, the maiden loses interest, and they walk hand- in-hand into the local bookshop for their first date.)

For more about Mighty Meat Head check it out on Amazon!


  1. Hmm, I think I would like the boy story better! :P

  2. LOL, love the post, very cute and funny. It's interesting to see it put together like that and it's easily compared. Thanks for sharing!

    Katie ~ Turner’s Antics

  3. I'm ROFL because of this post! It's so quirky, cute and really original.

    -Angie @YA Novelties

  4. LOL!! That was perfect!! AWESOME guest post!!

    * walks off giggling*



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