Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blog Tour Guest Post: Top 5 Favorite Fictional Crushes by Wendy Higgins

Today, as part of the Sweet Evil Blog Tour hosted by Fall Into Books, we have an awesome guest post by Sweet Evil author Wendy Higgins! Wendy's telling us about her Top 5 fictional crushes and why she loves them! Also, don't forget to read our review of Sweet Evil HERE and enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post to win a signed Sweet Evil Bookmark!

Wendy's Top 5 Fictional Crushes!

Oooh, how much fun is this prompt?? :)

Jack from Titanic.

A baby-faced “bad boy” who wins the interest of a taken rich girl? Ah, Leo was so super cute when he smoked those cigarettes on the Titanic and played it cool as he talked Rose down from the ledge. And then the much he loved her. *sniff, sniff*

Warner from Shatter Me.

Okay, I know I’m supposed to love Adam, and I do, but there’s something about Warner. I totally have a forbidden crush on him. He’s just so messed up emotionally. He’s got major baggage. Fierce passion. Young and brave. I can’t wait to learn more about why he is the way he is.

Dimitri from Vampire Academy.

I was in love with him throughout the entire series. So much so that I could not even bring myself to fall for the sexy Adrian (although I’m all about Adrian in the Bloodlines series now). Dimitri’s quiet sexiness and dedication won me over. He wasn’t cocky about his awesome skills. He practiced major self-control when it came to his feelings for Rose, so when he actually gave in it was sooo hot. Mmm...Russian boy.

Daemon from Obsidian (Lux series).

Ooooh, he was such a jerk at first! But I still wanted to see more of him. Then when the truth comes out about why he behaves that way he’s suddenly swoony. Green eyes, playfully cocky attitude, reluctant feelings for Katy when he knows he shouldn’t feel that way. *sigh* And he only gets sexier as the series goes on!

Caleb from Karma Bites.

The book just came out this month, but I was lucky enough to critique it before publication. I freaking love Caleb. Even while he’s hard to figure out, sort of shrouded in mystery, I found myself flipping pages, just dying to get to the next scene where I could see him again. Then I’m pretty sure I actually yelled at the book at one point, “Kiss him!” And when it finally happens...hello tingles, straight to the toes. So good.

Thanks for having me on your blog, Jesse, and letting me talk about one of my most favorite topics! I heart fictional boys.

Thanks so much to Wendy for stopping by today and to Amber from Fall Into Books for putting together this awesome blog tour! You guys rock! And, by the way, I'm pretty sure Kaidan makes the list of our favorite fictional crushes!

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  1. I'm reading along on this list and going "ME TOO!" to all of them, except the last guy, but that's only because I don't know who he is. GREAT list from Wendy. Jack Dawson made me fall in love with Leo. <3

    1. I know! I haven't read Karma Bites or Shatter Me (although I bought it on sale and am dying to start it!!) but I assume I'm going to fall hard for the boys in them, considering I adore the other guys on the list!


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