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Review: Don't You Wish by Roxanne St. Claire

Title: Don't You Wish
Author: Roxanne St. Claire
Publisher: Delacorte BFYR
Publish Date: July 10, 2012
When plain and unpopular Annie Nutter gets zapped by one of her dad's whacked-out inventions, she lands in a parallel universe where her life becomes picture-perfect. Now she's Ayla Monroe, daughter of the same mother but a different father—and she's the gorgeous, rich queen bee of her high school.

In this universe, Ayla lives in glitzy Miami instead of dreary Pittsburgh and has beaucoup bucks, courtesy of her billionaire—if usually absent—father. Her friends hit the clubs, party backstage at concerts, and take risks that are exhilirating . . . and illegal. Here she's got a date to lose her V-card with the hottest guy she's ever seen. 
But on the inside, Ayla is still Annie. 
So when she's offered the chance to leave the dream life and head home to Pittsburgh, will she take it? 
The choice isn't as simple as you think. ~ Courtesy of Goodreads
Don't You Wish by Roxanne St. Claire answers that age old question, "Is the grass really greener on the other side?" And Annie Nutter is about to find out the answer. St. Claire has written a surprisingly emotional novel with Don't You Wish. And even though I wouldn't say it's the deepest story out there, I do think St. Clair shares some really good ideas about appreciating the things you do have instead of complaining about the things you don't.

I'll admit I had a hard time connecting to the main character, Annie, at first. She's funny and comes off the way a teenager really would in her situation, but I still just can't say I wholeheartedly liked her. I found her to be immature. She was entirely too quick to give up her family and life to become rich and popular. She barely even cared when she discovered she was stuck in Ayla's life, because she got to go to school in a limo. She came off as selfish, and even though her wants changed throughout the book, I still couldn't shake that first impression. But in the end, I was able to look past it and see how much she had grown throughout her experiences.

It's rare that I can say I truly hate a character. In fact, I can't think of a single one. But I found one in Don't You Wish. I hated Ayla's boyfriend Ryder. He was two seconds away from being a sexual predator, the way he practically threatens Ayla to get her to have sex with him. Like she better give it up or else. I truly hated him, and Annie-as-Ayla's reaction to him. I'm sorry, I would have hit him and walked away, not followed him like a lost puppy. And even though she does the right thing eventually, I still feel like she was a smart enough character to know better to begin with.

Ayla's brother Trent is quite possibly my absolute favorite character in Don't You Wish. He comes off like a jerk, but he's extremely loyal to his mother. Trent stands up for her against his father when everyone else just ignores how disrespectful he is to his wife. Even Ayla. It made me love him, a lot. Even with his excessive use of the word "dawg". I also loved Charlie. He was really cute and definitely heartthrob worthy!

There was an unexpected element of sci-fi in Don't You Wish. I knew it would be there, but wasn't expecting quite as much science as I received. I really enjoyed the whole multiverse aspect of the story. The jumping back and forth between universes thing totally reminded me of Sliders, which is possibly one of my favorite shows ever!

Don't You Wish is a funny, cute summer read that a lot of readers are sure to enjoy. Mentions of sex and drug usage might make it inappropriate for some younger readers. But I still believe that Don't You Wish will appeal to anyone who's ever daydreamed of what their life could be like if they "had it all". I really enjoyed it, especially the ending!

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  1. I liked this one too. I also appreciated the fact that there was some science behind the life-switching. Freaky Friday doesn't really explain that!


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