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Character Interview: Brin from the Grisly High Series

Today I got to spend some time with Brin Skar from the Grisly High series by Brian Rowe! A few months ago we had the chance to interview Brian. You can check out that interview HERE. Anyway, Brin's been through a lot in the last few weeks, dealing with vampires and now zombies in her new adventure The Zombie Playground! So we were really lucky to catch up with her for a few minutes and talk to her.

ME: Hey, Brin! Thanks so much for taking the time out to talk to us. I know you've been super busy, what with the vampires and now zombies and everything.

BRIN: Yeah it's been a little chaotic around here. A few weeks ago I didn't believe in vampires and now I have one living in my house! I really just want to spend time with my friend Ash and go to school and try to lead a normal life, but now with the zombie attacks I don't think me or this little town of Grisly Nevada will ever be the same.

ME: So, you're a film geek, right? Is it okay if I call you a geek?

BRIN: Did Ash put you up to this? He's the geek, not me. I love movies, don't get me wrong. I love nothing more on a Friday night than watching an Audrey Hepburn double feature. But I am not a movie geek. A movie fan, or a movie buff, those are fine. But Brin Skar is no geek.

ME: I hear you don't like horror movies, though. Why is that?

BRIN: I'd rather watching anything else, seriously. I find no joy in being scared. I want to enjoy myself when I watch a movie. I want to feel good when it's over. I don't like watching a movie for two hours feeling tense. Worse, I hate to be grossed out! I see blood on the screen, and I want to throw up. Ash keeps wanting me to watch the movies of Alfred Hitchcock, but I still don't want to go there. I don't like horror, thrillers, suspense. I like my movies happy and fun!

ME: Me too! Bet you're starting to feel like your life is a horror movie, huh? Is it hard, having to deal with all these crazy supernatural creatures all the time?

BRIN: The other reason I don't like horror movies is that my life itself has become a daily horror movie. I'm dealing with vampires, zombies. I can't wait to see what it's going to be next. Ghosts? Werewolves? Bigfoot? The Lochness Monster?? High school is hard enough, and then life keeps throwing in these scary homicidal creatures. I just can't catch a break. I don't really have that much time to watch movies anymore, but if I do, I'd much rather watch some Audrey Hepburn than Alfred Hitchcock. Who's with me??

ME: I'll take Audrey over Alfred any day! What is the absolute scariest thing you've had to deal with so far?

BRIN: Oh jeez, where do I even begin? I've been bitten by vampires, and let me tell you, it's not fun! But even worse is having a zombie breathing down your neck like he wants to eat every chunk of your body. Ugh, gross! I've destroyed these creatures in every way imaginable. I've punched them, kicked them, stabbed them, decapitated them. And that's only the beginning. But the absolute scariest thing? Paul's father Droz. He seriously creeps me out. I hope I never have to see him again.

ME: Well, Brin, I don't want to keep you too long. You seem to be quite busy lately! But there's just one thing I have to know. What's up with you and Paul? He's one mysterious guy and now I hear he's staying with you? Sounds juicy!

BRIN: Paul is a friend. I know he's a vampire, but he's not like the rest of them. He's had a long rough life, and he needs a new beginning. I'm glad to be the one to help him. I'm pretty sure he has a crush on me, and while I do think he's handsome — at least more so than all the guys at school — I'm pretty certain I'm never going to fall for a vampire. At least… I'm pretty sure I won't. This isn't Twilight.

ME: Okay, I'll let you go now. Thanks for dropping by Pretty In Fiction and letting us get to know you a little better!

BRIN: Thank you so much! Yeah, a bunch of zombies are pounding on the door, so I must be going. Wish me luck!

Good luck, Brin! And a big thank you to Brian Rowe for letting Brin stop by today! Here's a synopsis of Brin's latest adventure The Zombie Playground. Be sure to check it out!

Brin Skar has had a rough couple of weeks. She barely survived the grisly vampire attack in Bodie Ghost Town, the mysterious Paul is now a guest in her own home, and her dad Kristopher, dead for over a year, has emerged from the grave to try to kill his only daughter. After two somber funerals and the baffling disappearance of her Film teacher, Brin decides she needs a break from all the pain and heartache. And what’s a better escape than a round of golf at the brand new Macabre Golf Course? But as soon as Brin and her friends hit the links, strange noises and bizarre sightings begin to occur. And unfortunately for the group, the vampire encounter is going to seem like child’s play… especially when the zombies come out to play! ~ Courtesy of Goodreads

You can find out more about The Zombie Playground at these sites!

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