Monday, July 2, 2012

Author Interview: Kathryn Knutson, author of The Possession of Cassie Quinn

Today we have the pleasure of talking to Kathryn Hudson about her book The Possession of Cassie Quinn! It tells the story of a girl moving into a haunted house! She has also been kind enough to GIVEAWAY one signed copy of her book, so be sure to scroll to the bottom to enter to win! Here's the synopsis:

A long, dark driveway towards an old farmhouse. A new stepsister with a nasty streak. A little sister who runs off. Something sinister lurking in the woods. Cassie Quinn's new home comes with . . . complications. Cassie never believed in ghosts before. But now she is receiving strange messages, telling her to stay out of the woods. Are the messages just a ploy by her stepsister? Or are they warning her of an evil that stalks the shadows of the woods beyond her home? ~ Courtesy of Goodreads

Tell us a little about yourself.

I've been writing since I was a kid-- in fact writing stories are some of the earliest memories I have! I always knew deep inside I wanted to be an author, and though I pursued other paths for awhile I finally came back to my dream. I grew up in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where there are a lot of ghost stories around. I still live in Central Minnesota with my two sons, who are just as fond of ghosts and monsters as I am.

How did you come up with the initial idea for The Possession of Cassie Quinn?

Honestly, I started writing about a girl and her stepsister moving into a haunted house when I was thirteen! Don't know where the idea came from then, but I was always reading and writing scary stories when I was growing up. I loved Christopher Pike, R.L. Stine, and, of course, Stephen King. I guess my inspiration for writing ghost stories came from them!

I love reading scary stories. Usually, the scarier the better. What is your favorite part about writing horror?

Taking my scary ideas and putting them into words! I am constantly scarying myself with frightening thoughts...especially lying in bed at the dark....

What is one of your favorite scary books/movies? Did you have any inspiration from it or any other book/movie while writing The Possession of Cassie Quinn?

One of my favorite scary movies is The Grudge. I rarely get scared by movies - I'm the type of person who can watch horror movies in the basement by myself at midnight. But this movie SCARED me!

I think I used some inspiration from movies at the end of my book, because I left it hanging. A lot of good horror movies (I think) have a twist at the end or something happens that makes you wonder, and that's how I finished my book. But don't worry, there will be a sequel!

What is your favorite line from The Possession of Cassie Quinn and why?

Probably the last line, because it leaves the reader wondering what will happen next.

Thanks so much for talking to us today, Kathryn! And for the awesome giveaway!

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