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Review: The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead

Title: The Golden Lily
Author: Richelle Mead
Publisher: Razorbill
Publish Date: June 12 2012

(Oh, how I wish I could give this 10 Stars!) 

The second thrilling installment in Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy spinoff series

Tough, brainy alchemist Sydney Sage and doe-eyed Moroi princess Jill Dragomir are in hiding at a human boarding school in the sunny, glamorous world of Palm Springs, California. The students--children of the wealthy and powerful--carry on with their lives in blissful ignorance, while Sydney, Jill, Eddie, and Adrian must do everything in their power to keep their secret safe. But with forbidden romances, unexpected spirit bonds, and the threat of Strigoi moving ever closer, hiding the truth is harder than anyone thought.

Populated with new faces as well as familiar ones, Richelle Mead's breathtaking Bloodlines series explores all the friendship, romance, battles, and betrayals that made the #1 New York Times bestselling Vampire Academy series so addictive. In this second book, the drama is hotter, the romances are steamier, and the stakes are even higher. ~ Courtesy of Goodreads

Oh my god! Just... Oh my god! I thought I loved this series already, but no. I really, really, REALLY love it! The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead was so perfect. Even down to Sydney's obnoxious tool of a boyfriend, Brayden. (How I loathed Brayden!) The story, the romance, the action, the magic. Everything about The Golden Lily was stepped up ten fold from Bloodlines. It delivered everything that I could have ever wanted!

I'll admit, I've been known to fall in love with a fictional character or two...or three. My top three, in order, would be Adrian Ivashkov, Conrad Fisher, and Will Herondale. (Ian O'Shea gets an honorable mention at number four.) All of these guys are completely swoon worthy, but the thing that puts Adrian over the top is his charm. The boy could charm water out of a rock. He's like the holy grail of fictional boys. Hot, sweet, funny, and oh-my-god-so-charming. And wow, does he not let me down in The Golden Lily. I'm pretty sure I read the whole book with my mouth hanging open and drool dripping onto the ground. Let's just say, Adrian being all protective was almost too much to take without overheating!

Also, Dimitri's back! Yay! And there's no Dimitri/Rose/Adrian animosity to go with it! (Well, maybe a little.) I guess it's like seeing a different side of Dimitri. He's still a super badass guardian and all, but since he's a side character and not the love interest this time around he's a little less "perfect" in everyone's eyes, I guess. And I actually loved seeing him interact with Adrian. I kind of hope there will be more of that in the future books.

Okay, so this is totally more of a raving rant than an actual review, but that's the kind of excitement The Golden Lily elicited from me. I literally can't think in rational sentences. And that ending? Oh, Richelle Mead, I could scream. How could you create something so devastatingly perfect, and then leave off with that cliff hanger?! Actually, I really liked the cliff hanger. But, apparently, I must be masochistic because it's going to be TORTURE waiting a whole year for the next book!

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  1. WHOA! I LOVE this review. I've read several reviews of The Golden Lily now, but yours is the first one that mentions Adrian going all protective. That right there makes me REALLY want to read this one, so thank you! :)


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