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Author Interview & GIVEAWAY: N.R. Allen, author of Blood of the Revenant

Today we have an interview with Blood of the Revenant author, N.R. Allen. And not only was she awesome enough to answer some of our questions, but she's also giving away a paperback copy of her book! Make sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to ENTER! Here's a synopsis of Blood of the Revenant:

Something strange is happening in Returning City, something dangerous.

Gabriel has never questioned things before. He knows that because he is a revenant like everyone else, he has to fight the not-family and hurt them to keep his own family safe. He has never questioned that the sky is always dark or that hungry things watch him from the forest.

But in Returning City, everyone has secrets.

Gabriel grew up believing that he was the same as everyone else. But now, things are changing. He begins to see strange, monstrous creatures instead of the people he has always known. Struggling to protect his family, Gabriel must turn to a mysterious stranger, but is she only helping him for her own dark purposes?

In order to survive, Gabriel has to become more than he has ever been, and he will have to go against all he has ever known. Soon Gabriel will realize that something dangerous waits for him—his past—and that past holds a secret deadlier than anything he could ever imagine. ~ Courtesy of Goodreads

Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in a small town called Dooms and am the youngest of five children.  Typically I write horror poetry and horror fiction aimed at teens and adults.  With my first novel, "Blood of the Revenant", I combined elements of fantasy and horror.

How was Blood of the Revenant born? What sparked the idea in your head?

When I write a book, I usually get a single scene in my head. From that scene (usually it's something in the middle of the book), I expand until I have a full novel. With this novel, I came across a sentimental necklace while I was sitting with my 3-year-old and that was how I started writing the novel.

What were some of the challenges you faced while writing Blood of the

I've always been interested in vampires. In my research, I came across the topic of revenants. Revenants can be vampiric and feed from the living. They are creatures that return from the dead to haunt their families. One of the biggest challenges was trying to come up with something fresh and new. By combining fantasy and horror, I tried to put a unique spin on very old myths.

Do you have any advice for young writers?

Write as much as possible. Everything you write will make you a better writer. Also, reading is extremely important. I once read a how-to book on writing horror. In it the author spoke about how you just need to finish the draft. Don't worry that things aren't perfect because you can always edit later. But you can't edit unless you have something down on paper. I'd also say to figure out what style works best for you. If writing a novel is like pulling teeth, it could just mean that you haven't found the right storyline or style that best suits you.

Your novel, Blood of the Revenant, is about a young man named Gabriel.
Can you tell us a little about Gabriel and his story?

All of his life, Gabriel has been told what he's supposed to be. He is supposed to be a strong fighter and he is supposed to hurt others. He's been raised to believe that family is everything and that he has to continue in this role to protect the ones he cares about. But he's haunted by drawings that seem to hint to him that there is more than fighting, there is more than the place where he grew up. More and more, he begins to see the dark secrets that surround him. He begins to realize that sometimes nothing is deadlier than family.

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