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Our Top 5 Favorite Scenes from The Hunger Games Movie!

Just a few hours ago all of the Pretty Staffers headed to our local theater to see The Hunger Games. We all read the first book three years ago, immediately followed by the second book, only to wait a year for Mockingjay. We stayed up all night the day Mockingjay was released, me and my sister Taylor walking laps around our then still closed swimming pool, on conference call with our cousins, Courtney and Kira. We talked and talked and talked and then we got the book (for Nook) and then we didn't speak to each other for a few days. (Trying to avoid spoilers!)

Needless to say, we are, and always have been, Hunger Games diehards. The books just contain so much emotion, they're almost impossible not to love. (Although I have heard of a few people who haven't loved them, but I won't go there.) So obviously the film adaptation was going to bring up all sorts of emotions for us. The 5 most emotional scenes of the movie for us were as follows (and they're in chronological order).

(Minor SPOILERS from here on out.)

1. Prim at the Reaping

They've played and played that clip of Katniss volunteering as tribute at the reaping, but the part that really hit us was Prim's reaction to being selected. Willow Shields, the actress who portrays Prim, plays her part perfectly. When she begins to walk up to the stage I felt all the anxiety I felt the first time I read The Hunger Games.

2. Peeta's interview with Caesar Flickerman

I have to say that my favorite thing about The Hunger Games movie was Josh Hutcherson's performance as Peeta. He doesn't just do a good job portraying the character, Josh IS Peeta Mellark. And the most obvious moment is while Peeta is being interviewed by Caesar Flickerman. Peeta caters to the crowd, he's got this easy way about him that makes you instantly like him. And that is exactly how Josh is. I also loved all of the scenes where Peeta is with the Careers! Okay, I just love Peeta in general. He's so... Peeta!

3. The scene in District 11 after Rue's death

I actually teared up for this one. Jennifer Lawrence's performance in this scene was one of the most moving I've seen. And the way the people of District 11 react... well, if you've read Catching Fire you know how District 11 feels about Katniss.

4. Thresh killing Clove

This was a very important scene for me in the books. It's a close call for Katniss, but because she was a compassionate person and befriended Rue, she's saved. I fell in love with Thresh a little in this scene. And I believe the movie portrayed this perfectly. It's pretty much the only scene with dialogue that Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh) gets, but it's all he needs to break your heart. He couldn't protect Rue. He wasn't brave enough to stay by her side during the games, but he could avenge her death and help Katniss, who did stand up and try to help Rue. So when he hears Clove taking credit for Rue's death he attacks. I truly did love this part, but I think what made it even better was that when Thresh killed Clove every single person in the theater burst out into applause. It still seems a little twisted to cheer for a murder, but this is The Hunger Games (and Clove had this horrible smirk on her face the whole movie, it was infuriating).

5. Seneca Crane getting his just desserts

I want to say I like Seneca Crane, but I just can't. He's a jerk, and he only sees the tributes as pawns in his "games". And after seeing the movie, it is very clear that he's only concerned with making President Snow and the citizens of the capital happy. But, if you've read the books, you know that Snow isn't exactly pleased with how the games turn out. You also know that Seneca Crane takes the blame for that. Even though it may seem a little odd, we decided that we really liked this part of the movie. The way Gary Ross portrayed it, it was quiet, but oddly menacing. It sort of shows exactly what kind of man President Snow is.

And our other favorite scene, because we couldn't just pick 5. C'mon!

• Katniss speaking to Cinna right before she enters the Arena

Jennifer Lawrence blew me away in this scene. You could see the horror of the games on her face. In the widening of her eyes, in the way her entire body was shaking. And Cinna just believed in her so much. Lenny Kravitz and Jennifer Lawrence just have this on-screen father/daughter chemistry that is perfect for these characters. I can't wait to see Katniss and Cinna rekindle their mentor/mentee (that's probably not actually a word, but I like it!) relationship in Catching Fire.

So there you have it! Our 5 (okay 6) favorite scenes from The Hunger Games. If you've seen it let us know what your favorite scenes were! And even if you haven't, what scenes are you looking forward to seeing in the movie?


  1. I am DYING to see Peeta's Interview! I think that is the one thing I've been looking most forward too! And I'm glad to hear that Prim's reaction is wonderful :)

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

    1. Oh you will NOT be dissapointed. Peeta is amazing!

  2. I totally agree with your first 4 choices. In fact the Peeta scene was probably to me what came closest to my feelings as I read it in the book. I loved the District 11 scene too, as you don't really get that until the 2nd book, but I loved having it known now. Unfortunately the rest of the movie didn't quite pull at my emotions the way the book did, and while I liked the movie, I still had some disappointments. You can read my review here:

  3. I completely agre with you. I loved The Hunger Games (book & movie) and thought the movie was portrayed very well. Great post! :)

  4. I loved that and I also loved haymich in this movie. Even though he wasnt as much of a dunk as he should have been, he was the comedic relief. Him and Caesar Flickerman

  5. I so agree about Peeta. Josh Hutcherson made me fall in love with him all over again!

  6. Because of Cinna/Katniss Catching Fire is going to destroy me.

    And you are SOOO right. Josh Hutcherson IS Peeta. Simply no one else could do what he did for the character. Now we only have to see if Liam can pull through for Gale.

    1. I hope Liam does Gale justice. Gale was my favorite. Not for Katniss, just in general. And I would be crushed if Gale's character came off wrong because of poor casting.


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