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TGIF! Feature, & Follow Friday (19)

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Hey, there Pretties!

Do you know who's featured on Follow Friday this week? Us!

Rachel and Alison, you guys are freaking awesome for bringing us this amazing meme every week. Thanks for the chance to be your feature!

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What's the craziest thing you've ever done to get your hands on any particular book?

Jesse: I haven't done anything particularly crazy to get a book. No standing in line for hours to be the first to get a copy, or facing crazed fans at book signings. Honestly, the craziest thing I've ever done to get a book is probably pay a ridiculous amount for shipping. And by ridiculous, I mean $10. There is a book I'm dying to read that was published in Australia but the shipping ends up costing more than the book itself. $15-plus shipping is too crazy for a book. Even a book I'm dying to read. I'd rather wait on a never-ending line!

Kira: I can't really say I've ever done anything too crazy to get my hands on a book. Unless you count sleep deprivation, and cancelling a pre-order to get it quicker crazy. This was a group effort, back before PiF was PiF.

All of us Pretty Staffers were staying up, waiting for the release Mockingjay. I had pre-ordered an ebook copy for a number of reasons: 1) I wanted the freaking book already. 2) All of us wanted the freaking book already -- it's a lot easier to share an ebook with those you trust, than to fight over a copy with a pretty cover. 3) I don't know if any of you have noticed this, but ebooks through certain distributors (I notice it more with iBooks and Kindle books) tend to release early. So much so, that I've come to expect my eBook pre-orders at least one half hour before the 12 o'clock switch-over, eastern time (I believe the earliest time I recieved a pre-order was 10:30 the night before via iBooks. Don't remember which book, but it was fairly recent.)

Anyway, so we were, all edgy and eager with anticipation, squeeing over the phone--we couldn't wait to see what craziness Suzanne Collins threw these characters into next. 11:30 rolls around, no book. Ok, whatever. A little disappointing, but it technically isn't supposed to be out until at least 12am, anyway. So we waited. 12:30. 1 o'cock. 1:30 (instead of going to bed like a normal person would, we waited). 2  o'clock. I think it was around 2-something when Barnes & Noble finally put it up for the nook/nook reader app. We wound up dropping the Amazon pre-order and purchasing the book through Barnes & Noble.

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And, of course, what would Friday be with out a little TGI...? As per usual, Ginger from over at GReads! is slated to play our wonderful and gracious host.

Recommend It: Which book from the last 10 you've read would you recommend to a friend?

Jesse: Out of the last 10 books I've read, the one I would recommend most to a friend would be Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen. Scarlet is a re-imagining of Robin Hood with a strong heroine and an awesome hero. I mean, seriously, who doesn't like Robin Hood?! 

I've always had a crush on Robin, I just never really liked Marian as a heroine. She was an awful, whiny thing. So when I picked up Scarlet I was immediately a fan of Gaughen's heroine. Scarlet is a badass chick who deserves to be in Robin's band of Merry Men.

Scarlet releases Valentine's Day 2012. Watch out for my review, coming soon, and if you haven't already, put this on your TBR list. Better yet, pre-order your copy now. You won't regret it. Trust me!

Kira: Out of the last ten books I've read, I'm torn between several. I wish I could get you guys to read all of them. That said, I will leave you with what I believe to be the top three (and links to their reviews) to think about. Mind you, this isn't necessarily in any particular order.

  • Every Other Day, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes:
    Kali D'Angelo is not your average sixteen year old. At least not all the time. Every other day she turns into something...well, not quite human. She still looks the same, but for twenty-four hours she is stronger, faster, and driven by a lust to kill. Luckily, that lust is directed at the monsters that go bump in the night, because she is good at what she does. Too bad it's on one of her human days that she notices something that could change everything. One of her classmates has been marked for death, and only Kali can save her. Maybe. But what if her now too-human body can't handle it?
  • Adventures in Funeral Crashing, by Milda Harris:
    In her spare time, Kait Lennox can be found  crashing funerals, for fun. So long as she follows a strict set of rules she's made herself over the years, she can almost guarantee she won't be found out among the mourners. Almost. At least until she unwittingly attends the funeral of her long time crush's (coincidentally, THE hottest, most popular guy in school!) half-sister.

    He takes the whole crashing thing pretty well, given the circumstances. In fact, now he wants Kait's help. He believes there is more to his sister's death than meets the eye. Can the two uncover the truth?
  • Burnt Children, by R.E. Washington:
    Elaria is a Burnt Child. When she was born, she was born with what those in charge of Meli called the wrong kind of magic. Because of this, like all other burnt children, Elaria has had her magic ripped from her. Elaria is different from most of her Burnt Children peers, though: She can see magic. It this ability which sets Elaria's story in motion, for without she would never have been drawn to the magical pendant that causes her so much trouble without it.

    Burnt Children are not allowed to handle magical artifacts. Knowing this, Elaria takes the pendant, anyway, and shortly after she is on the run, for freedom and her life. The Purifiers are on her tail, they know of the pendant, and they know what it being in Elaria's hands means. The pendant is the key, and the conspiracy surrounding Elaria's life, what happened fifty years earlier to make people so afraid of the Burnt Children, soon starts to unravel. Ultimately, Elaria is left with a choice: Will she follow through with her original plans and find herself a safe haven? Or, will she help save the world?

    Be sure to check out Jessie's review of The Gathering Storm, by Robin Birdges!
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  2. Congrats on being featured! I'm not very wild and crazy when it comes to my book addiction lol New follower!

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  3. haha I can imagine how that'll be annoying. So happy I read the Hunger GAmes after all tghe books are out.

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  7. If I was waiting on a book like that I would have definitely lost it, lol!

    Congrats on the feature :)

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  8. Happy Follow Friday! Congratulations on being the featured blog. I'm an old follower hopping through.

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  10. I think expensive shipping might be my craziest too! ;)
    Congrats getting featured. :)

    Come see my Friday Follow too! Have a great weekend!

  11. Congrats on being a Featured Blogger! I was last week, and it was awesome! It is crazy what overseas shipping can cost!
    Here's what I did for a book! New follower :D

  12. Squeeing over the phone. Love it :)

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  13. Waiting can make you go crazy.
    Congratulations on being this weeks feature:)
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  14. Oh! The things we do for our love of books.

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  16. Seriously, you guys waited for a whole night for an ebook? That is crazy. Ah, the things we do for books...

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  17. Hello,
    Congrats on the feature. I'm a new follower. I haven't done anything particularly crazy to get a book either. Have a great weekend.

  18. Congrats on being the feature that is awesome!! Waiting all night for an eBook, I understand the need lol. I have an eARC of Scarlet, and I cannot wait to check it out!

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  19. Awesome answers, congrats on the feature, I think most bookish people aren't that crazy so I am not shocked there aren't many crazy answers. lol New Follower. =]
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  20. Congrats on the feature!
    Awesome recommendations btw!
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  21. Hello! New follower here. Congratulations on being a feature. I've never done anything too crazy either. Perhaps I'll have to think of something silly to do next time one of my favs has a new book out!
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  22. Hello, ladies, Old followers, hopping through.

    Here's our #FF post

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  23. Happy FF! New follower here, hopping through. Congratulations on the feature. I've never really done anything crazy for a book either, though I've came close before.

    Daniel @ Bound By Words

  24. I understand I haven't done anything crazy either. I'm a new follower.

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  25. Congrats on the feature! I am an old follower. I also do the same as you and love ordering books on kindle because where I am they usually come through at 10pm!

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  26. Congrats on being featured! Never experienced the waiting on the Hunger Games. I read it when all the books are out. Happy Friday!

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  27. Congrats on the feature! I really like your blog.

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  28. Ebooks usually do come out faster, huh? :) Oh, and a Funeral Crashing? That's new to me! LOL

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  29. Congrats on the feature! Your blog is way Pretty, go figure. ; ) I haven't done anything crazy for a book either so I know what you're saying. : )

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  30. Congratulations on being featured!! That's awesome! :D

    On your answer, that reminds me of another crazy thing I did... Like paying $19 for a Kindle book only to get it the same day when it was available for less in PB but it would take a week ;x Lol!

    Have a wonderful weekend! I'm an old follower. :D

    What I did to get books...

  31. Congrats on being featured! I'm a new follower! :)

    It doesn't seem like anyone has ever done anything too crazy to get a book -- but at least we've all managed to get the books that we wanted without much of a fight.

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  36. Yeah! Congrats ladies on being the feature this week! I love the Mockinjay story...I remember being late to work the day it came out because I had to go by Borders (RIP!) as soon as it opened.

    In terms of TGIF, I want to read Scarlet so bad! Love Robin Hood!

    Old follower!


  37. I am a new follower :)
    I read mainly adult romance, but I do enjoy reading some YA romance as well.
    I am trying to catch up with The Hunger Games Trilogy right now--dying for the movie!

  38. Congrats on the feature this week ladies! I have definitely paid way too much for shipping (I desperately wanted a copy of RaShelle Workman's Exiled - absolutely stunning cover! - but I had to pay for international shipping which took a $15 book to a $30 purchase). And it's funny that you mentioned Mockingjay, as that's what my #FF features as well!

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  39. New follower from FF! :) I love YA romance, but I also love adult paranormal romance. I still have to read The Hunger Games! I have such a long tbr list, ugh.

  40. Hello, I am new here. Love your blog. As far as doing some thing crazy to get a book, at this time I really haven't done any thing that crazy.. but who knows in the future.

  41. Congrats on being one of the features this week! I wanted to read Mockingjay so badly, too. The bookstore by my house even did a midnight party, but since I have a kiddo I knew I couldn't risk staying up too late. Because you know I would have stayed up to read it. :)
    Happy Friday.

  42. Congrats on being featured! I've never done anything remotely crazy for a book!!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  43. Hey my fellow featured blog :D
    Thanks for stopping by, somehow of all the participants this week I forgot to comment exactly on your #FF, but I was following you at least :D

    Have a great weekend guys!
    (P.S.: I <3 the name Kira xDDD)

  44. Stopping by for the follow hop. New follower! Suzanne Collins' books are worth doing crazy things for. :)

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  45. Congrats on the feature, new follower! I agree with the other comments, Mockingjay is definitely worth doing crazy things. Have a great weekend!

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  46. Hello, new follower! That's sad that the pre-order didn't come thru for you. I would've waited too! It's great you got the book even though you had to get thru a different company! Have a great weekend!

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  48. Hi: I'm hopping through from the book blogger hop. It would very much depend on the friend what I'd recommend - but right now I'm really enjoying anything by Helen R. Hull and Dorothy Whipple, either would be safe I think. Happy reading, Ruby

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  50. Hi! Great to meet all of you! And congratulations on the feature this week. :) New follower. I am completely boring when it comes to crazy for a book. I am not above the realm of possibilities in the future, but who knows. I guess we will see how bad I want that next release. :) Love the name Kira, by the way. My daughter is spelled Kyra. :)

    Kendra @ Reader's Edyn

  51. Congrats on the feature!! New follower :)

    Books Ahoy

  52. My "craziest thing" story is kind of dull. I guess I'm just one of those people who is willing to wait to get hold of a book (maybe the fact that I have about 5,000 unread books is a contributing factor).

    Aaron (Dreaming About Other Worlds)

  53. The craziest thing I've done is travel to Wisconsin from Michigan to try and win an arc.

    New Follower

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  54. Old follower, I've always wondered about having a book come online when you're that eager to get it. So I usually go to the midnight deals, but then I work at a bookstore. :-)

  55. New follower here! I've never tried to get a book the day it was released. I'm always like a year behind everyone else.

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  57. I've done pretty crazy things for THG trilogy too! New follower, here's mine!

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  59. Hopping through. I heard great things about Scarlet and Every Other Day. I want to read them.
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    Glad you got featured this week! You guys have a lovely blog! A new follower & looking forward to reading your reviews! :)

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  61. Haha! That's so funny! I'm a new follower! And congratulations on being featured! I'd love to do that...if I could stay up that late! I'm usually knocked out dead by eleven!'

  62. Grats on getting featured! I'm a new follower.

    Paying a lot for shipping is no fun. :( I've been there before.

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