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My Book Boyfriend (11) Wesley Rush

It's time to introduce our first Book Boyfriend of the new year!

Hosted by the Missie of The Unread Reader, My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme designed to let us girls go gaga over fictional guys.

This week, our guy of choice is Wesley Rush from The Duff, by Kody Keplinger.

It should be noted before moving further that The Duff is probably best suited for the 16+ age-range due to profanity and blatant sexual content.

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Wesley Benjamin Rush:

* Tall - 6'2" 
* curly brown hair
* gray eyes
has a sneaky little grin
* pretty smart - has the 3rd highest GPA in his class

** When it comes to casting Wesley Rush, we have to agree that Ms. Keplinger's suggestion of Jeremy Sumpter is an excellent choice. **

Why We Love Him:

Jesse: Wesley Rush (what an amazing name!) is a total womanizer. He sleeps with anything that moves. He doesn't discriminate when it comes to sex. But that doesn't make him any less of a sweetheart when it comes to Bianca. He adores her. And even though he calls her Duffy, which hurts her feelings, he doesn't realize that it does. He never says anything to hurt Bianca on purpose. That's just not the kind of guy he is.

Wesley Rush has his issues just the same as everyone else. His come in the form of absentee parents, which is why he feels the need to surround himself with admirers who won't leave him. Broken boys are so my thing and Wesley Rush does not disappoint in that area. He's sad and lonely and acting out in the only way he knows how.

Reading through some of Wesley's quotes makes me remember just how much I loved him while reading The DUFF. He's so sweet when he wants to be! And did I mention just how swoon-worthy (and drool-worthy) Wesley is? Because he is. He really, really is. Wesley starts off hot, but a little rough around the edges. But by the end of the book he's the type of guy any girl would be dying to know.

Kira: Wesley Rush is actually kind of a jerk. I probably shouldn't love him as much as I do, but the truth is there's really so much more to Wesley Rush than meets the eye. The poor boy is a tortured soul (and you know by now how much we love those around here), he's smart, and when he wants to, he can show there's someone very sweet under that outer layer of ass.

Wesley's Cocky Quotes

(whoops!...I think I may have over quoted...I blame Wesley Rush and his irresistibleness. A lot of them are long ones, too.)

** Is purposely not using any quotes that might explain the title. If you haven't already, I'll leave that for you Pretty Readers to figure out. ;) **

"Then I did a really [naughty!]*-up thing. My only excuse is that I was under an unbelievable amount of stress, and I spotted an outlet. I needed something to distract me -- anything far away from my parents' drama -- just for a second. And when I saw my chance, I didn't stop to think about how much I'd regret it later. An opportunity sat on the bar stool beside me, and I lunged at it. Literally.

I kissed Wesley Rush.
All of my thoughts vanished, and I became a sort of physical being. Emotions disappeared. Nothing existed but our bodies, and our warring lips were at the center of everything. It was bliss! It was amazing not to think.

Nothing! Nothing... until he screwed it up.

His hand  slid up from my waist , trailing along my torso, and came to a stop right on my boob.

Everything flooded back, and I suddenly remembered exactly who I was kissing. I tore my hands out of his hair and shoved him away from me as hard as I could. Anger -- fresh hot anger -- surged through me, completely replacing the anxious worry I'd been feeling a minute before. His hands dropped, one landing on my knee, as he pulled away. He looked surprised but distinctly pleased. 

'Wow, Duffy, that was--'

And I slapped him. I slapped him so hard, my palm stung with the contact. 

The hand on my knee flew to his cheek. 'What the hell?' he demanded. 'Why did you do that?'

'Asshole!' I yelled." {The Duff, iBook p. 31/244}

"I jerked out from under Wesley's hand and spun around to face him, gripping my pencil like a dart and aiming it right at his Adam's apple.

He didn't even flinch. His gray eyes examined the pencil with feigned curiosity and he said, 'Interesting. Is this how you greet all the boys you like?'

'I don't like you.'

'Does that mean you love me, then?'" { The Duff, iBook p. 39/244}

"'Give me back my pencil,' I muttered.

'I don't know,' he said. 'With you this could be classified as a dangerous weapon... along with glasses of cherry soda. Interesting choice, by the way. I'd always pegged you as a Sprite girl. You know... plain.'"  {The Duff, iBook p. 40/244}

"Wesley ginned, running his fingers through his dark as he leaned against the locker next to mine. 'So, your place or mine?'


'To do the assignment this weekend,' he said, narrowing his eyes. 'Don't be getting any ideas, Duffy. I'm not chasing you. I'm just being a good student. Wesley Rush doesn't chase girls. They--'

'Chase you. Yeah, I know.'" { The Duff, iBook p. 46/244}

"'Duff, are you okay? You're staring off into space.'

'Don't call me Duffy.'

'Fine. Are you okay, Bian--?'

Before he could say my name, I closed the space between us. Quickly, my lips moved against his. The mental and emotiona emptiness took over instantly, but physically, I was more alert than ever. Wesley's surprise didn't last as long as it had before, and his hands were on me in seconds. My fingers tangled in his soft hair, and Wesley's tounge darted in my mouth and became a new weapon in our war.
I was fully conscious of Wesley's hand as it slid up my torso and moved to cup my breast. With an effort, I pushed him away from me. His eyes were wide as he leaned back. 'Please don't slap me again,' he said." {The Duff, iBook p. 61/244}

"'No.' I was surprised by how serious he sounded. 'I'm never ashamed of anyone I sleep with. Sex is a natural chemical reaction. It always happens for a reason. Who am I to dictate who experiences the joy of sharing my bed?'" { The Duff, iBook p. 65/244}

"'You must not hate me too much,' Wesley said, rolling onto his elbow and watching me dress. 'You did pretty much throw yourself at me. Generally, hatred doesn't inspire that kind of passion.'" { The Duff , iBook p. 65/244}

"'Sure." He sat up and patted a spot beside him. 'There's more to this amazing body than awe-inspiring abs. I have a pair of ears, too, and they happen to work superbly." { The Duff, iBook p. 84/244}

"'Then she found out. This girl I'd been seeing him with tracked me down at school one day, and she told me to stop screwing her boyfriend. I thought it was a mistake, so  I asked him about it...'

'Not a mistake,' Wesley guessed.

'Nope. Her name was Tiffany, and they'd been together since seventh grade. I was the other woman -- or girl, technically.'

Slowly, I looked up and saw Wesley making a face. 'What a dick,' he said.

'You can't talk. You're the biggest playboy there is.'

'True,' he admitted. 'But I don't make promises. He told you he loved you. He made a commitment. I'd never do that. A girl can believe whatever she wants to believe, but I don't say anything I don't mean. What he did is the mark of a true dick.'" { The Duff, iBook p. 85-6/244}

"'Can't get enough of me, can you?' Wesley asked, stretching out on his back again with a smirk. 'That sounds good to me, but if I'm so fantastic, you should spread the word to your friends. You say you love them, so you ought to let them experience the same mind-blowing pleasure... maybe at the same time. It's only right.'" { The Duff, iBook p. 87/244}

"'Don't be a sore loser,' he said, leaning his stick against the wall. 'What did you really expect? I'm obviously amazing at everything.' He grinned. 'But, hey, you can't hold it against me, right? We can't help the way God makes us.'

'Your an arrogant cheater.' I tossed my pool stick aside, letting it clatter to the floor a few feet away. 'Sore winners are way worse than sore losers, you know. And you only won because you kept messing me up! You couldn't keep your [how rude!]* hands to yourself long enough for me to make a decent shot! That's just low. And for another thing--'

Without warning, Wesley lifted me up onto the pool table. His hands moved to my shoulders, and a second later, I was flat on my back, staring up at him as he smirked. He shifted so that he was on the table too, leaning over me with his face only inches from mine.

'On the pool table?' I said, narrowing my eyes at him. 'Seriously?'

'I can't resist.' he said. 'You know, you're pretty sexy when you're pissed at me, Duffy.'" { The Duff, iBook p. 94/244}

"Wesley was ginning at me as I spun around to face him. 'I just wanted to let you know that is you plan on stopping by tonight, I might be a little busy. With it being the day of love, I have a pretty full schedule.'

Now he sounded like a professional man-whore.

'But if you're desperate to see me, I should be free around eleven o'clock.'

'I think I can survive one night without you, Wesley,' I said. 'In fact, I can survive an eternity.'

'Sure you can.' He released my arm and winked. 'I'll see you tonight, Duffy.'" { The Duff, iBook p. 103/244}

"'Where are you going?' Wesley asked in a semi-sleepy voice.

'Home.' I pulled on my jeans. 'I've gotta take a shower and get ready for school.'

He pushed himself up on one elbow to look at me. His hair was a mess, brown curls falling into his eyes and sticking up in the back. 'You can shower here,' he offered. 'I might even join you if you're lucky.'" { The Duff, iBook p. 120/244}

"He pushed himself into a sitting position and looked at me with a smirk. It didn't touch his eyes, though. 'You aren't the only one who finds me irresistible, Duffy. I usually have an endless flow of attractive houseguests.'" {The Duff, iBook p. 122/244}

"'What would you do without me?' he asked one night. We were tangled in the silky sheets of his gigantic bed. My heart was still pounding as I came down from the high of what we'd just done, and he wasn't helping matters by putting his lips so close to my ear.

'Live a happy... happy life,' I murmured. ' I might even... be an optimist... if you weren't around.'

'Liar." He bit my earlobe playfully. 'You'd be absolutely miserable. Admit it, Duffy. I'm the wind beneath your wings.' ..." { The Duff, iBook p. 131/244} (Click to view the extended scene { The Duff, iBook p. 131-2/244}. WARNING: while adorable, this is a bit more risque than most of the other quotes.)

"'Now, Duffy,' Wesley said as he climbed into the driver's seat. I slid into the back so that Amy, who apparently was the quiet type, could sit with her brother. 'This means you'll actually have to admit that I do nice things for people on occasion.'

'I never said you don't do nice things,' I told him as I attempted to situate myself in the cramped backseat ... 'You do. But only when it benefits you in some way.'

Wesley scoffed. 'Did you hear that, Amy? Can you believe what she thinks of me?'" { The Duff, iBook p. 140/244}

"'Honestly, Wesley,' his grandmother said with a dramatic sight. 'Why don't you just let Amy take the bus? I don't approve of you driving her around with your' -- she paused -- 'friends in the backseat.' She looked across Wesley, her eyes locking with mine for an instant before shifting back to her grandson. 'I wouldn't want them to be a negative influence on your sister.'
'That is none of your business,' Wesley growled. I'd never heard him sound so pissed before. 'You have no right to disrespect my friend, and it certainly isn't your place to decide what I do with my own sister. You should know me well enough to know I wouldn't do anything to harm her, despite what you've convinced her of. I'm not the monster you tell her I am, you know.'" { The Duff, iBook p. 141-2/244}

"'You can come inside if you want. My dad isn't home yet.'

Wesley grinned at me as he cut the engine. 'You're a dirty-minded little girl, Duffy. It would appear that you're trying to corrupt me.'

'You're way past corruption,' I assured him." { The Duff, iBook p. 144/244}

"Wesley stood up, his face hard and serious. He grabbed me by the shoulders and held me firmly, forcing me to look up at him. 'Listen to me,' he said. 'You are not a whore. Are you listening, Bianca? What you are is an intelligent, sassy, sarcastic, cynical, neurotic, loyal, compassionate girl. That's what you are, okay? You're not a slut or a whore or anything remotely similar. Just because you have some secrets and some screwups... you're just confused... like the rest of us.'" { The Duff, iBook p. 154/244}

"'Bianca, whore is just a cheap word people use to cut each other down,' he said, his voice softer. 'It makes them feel better about their own mistakes. Using words like that is easier than really looking into the situation. I promise you, you're not a whore.'"  { The Duff, iBook p. 154/244} (see? boy-o's smart. :] ALSO, sorry for the excessive use of "whore". That would normally be one of the words I would adjust, at least, if not [bleep] outright, but we couldn't have really make it work in context for these quotes.)

"'So you weren't going to tell me?'

'Why would I?'

'Because I care!' Wesley yelled. His words crashed into me, stunning me for a second. 'I've been worried since you left my house a week ago! You didn't even say why you left, Bianca. What was I supposed to do? Just assume you were alright?'" { The Duff, iBook p. 198/244}

"'Only he' -- Wesley pointed to my bedroom door -- 'is your escape this time.' He took a step toward me, forcing me to crane my neck even more to see his face. 'Admit it, Duffy.'

'Admit what?'

'That you're running away from me,' he said. 'You realized you're in love with me, and you bailed because it scared the shit out of you.'"

I scoffed as if it were ridiculous -- wishing it were ridiculous -- and rolled my eyes, stepping back to show he couldn't intimidate me, that he wasn't right. 'Oh my God. Get over yourself. You're so [that's not very nice!]* dramatic, Wesley. This isn't a damn soap opera.'

'You know it's true.'

 'Even if it is,' I cried, 'what does it matter? You could sleep with anybody, Wesley. So what if I walk away? So what if I have feelings for you? I was just a screw to you! You would never actually commit to me. You could never commit to anyone, but especially not to Duffy. You don't even find me attractive.'

'Bullshit,' he growled, his eyes on my face as he move closer to me again." { The Duff, iBook p. 199-200/244}

"Wesley Rush doesn't chase girls, but I'm chasing you."  { The Duff , iBook p. 211/244}

(Not a WR quote, but it's about him, so have to add... xD ) 
"On the otherside, there was Wesley. A jerk. An asshole. An arrogant, womanizing rich boy who put sex before everything else. Sure, he was incredibly hot, but he could annoy the hell out of me. He was irritatingly charming, and his cute little grin could really get under my skin."   { The Duff , iBook p. 212/244}

"I'm chasing you because I really think I am falling in love with you." { The Duff, iBook p. 215/244}

"I think about you much more than any self-respecting man would like to admit, and I'm insanely jealous of you and Tucker -- something I never thought I'd say. Moving on after you is impossible. No other girl can keep me on my toes the way you can. No one else makes me WANT to embarrass myself by writing sappy letters like this one.

Only you."  { The Duff, iBook p. 215/244}

"p.s.: I know you're rolling your eyes right now, but I don't care. Honestly, it's always been kind of a turn on."  { The Duff, iBook p. 216/244}

"Wesley's eyes stayed fixed on me the entire time. From where I sat, it was hard to read their expression, but they never wavered for a second."  { The Duff, iBook p. 233/244}

"He turned his attention back to me. 'Yes. Hope is good. Bianca, I--' He grinned wickedly. 'I knew you'd give in sooner or later.' He put his hand on my knee and ran it smoothly up my thigh. 'You're finally going to admit you love me, aren't you?'"  { The Duff, iBook p. 238/244}

"It wasn't until after he pulled away, both of us in need of some air, that I could think straight again.

'You jerk!' I yelled, pushing him away from me. 'Kissing me to make me shut up? God you're so obnoxious. I could just throw something at you right now.'

Wesley hopped up onto his bar stool with a big grin, and I suddenly remembered him telling me that I was sexy when I was mad at him. Go figure. 'Excuse me, Joe,' he called to the bartender. 'I think Bianca wants a cherry coke.'" { The Duff, iBook p. 240/244}

"You look beautiful tonight, Bianca" { The Duff, iBook p. 241/244}

* We don't censor much around here (obviously, based on this post) but some words are a bit much on a site geared to teens (erm, rather readers of YA, but it would be assumed that most would be teens themselves). I'm not saying said teens don't know/use [bleep]'d out words, just that it'd be inappropriate for us to blatantly paste them across this page. It could be argued that it's inappropriate for any of these 'naughty' words to appear here, but growing up we were brought up with the idea that even among cuss', some words are worse than others. This higher tier of offensive, which we know is subjective, is what we seek to censor. 


  1. Ha! Those are a lot of Wesley quotes, but I don't blame you. Like you said, he is pretty irresistible.

    And yes, I agree. Ms. Keplinger choice of Wesley is very easy on the eyes. :P

  2. OH WOW! I'm sold! I had this book from the library and didn't end up having time to read it. I hear AMAZING things about it and Wesley so clearly I need to run down and pick it up again! It sounds so hot and swoon worthy. Wesley sounds like something I can crush on! Thanks for visiting My Book Boyfriend

  3. Third heights GPA and adorable.. that is an irresistible combination in a boy!

  4. *Jaw on the floor* That extended scene was steamy! This guy is so hot!

  5. I'll try to find this at the library, sounds interesting.

  6. Unfortunately I have not read this book. I read the story. It's interesting! This guy is cute ^^

  7. Ah. Jeremy is such a cutie. He makes my heart Rush! Maybe it's those gorgeous eyes. *Swoon* Must. Read. The Duff.

    Another awesome BB!:)


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