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Review: Indulge by Megan Duncan and GIVEAWAY!

Title: Indulge (Warm Delicacy, #2)
Author: Megan Duncan
Publish Date: December 14 2011

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A few months ago I had the chance to review Savor by Megan Duncan. (If you haven't read it, check out my review here.) Today I had the chance to review it's exciting sequel, Indulge.

Indulge continues the story of seventeen year old Claire from where Savor left off. Claire is on her way to meet her biological parents for the first time in her life. As if that wasn't a big enough deal, those parents? Oh yeah. They're vampires. Royal vampires. Not to mention, Claire's on the run from the blood-thirsty Ana, who has already tried to kill her once before. Then there's the internal battle she's waging within herself to decide who she loves. The sweet, affectionate vampire royal,  Dmitry, or her protective, swoon-worthy Blood Mate, Arrick?

Indulge was a fast and fun read. There was so much action that I flew through it. It didn't drag in the same way Savor did, which is to be expected since Savor had to explain and build up the Warm Delicacy world, whereas in Indulge there wasn't nearly as much backstory. Now, I like backstory just as much as the next girl, but it's also fun to just play around in a fantasy world without so much stopping for explanations.

As in Savor, the only thing that really irritated me about the story was the main character, Claire. With everything the girl went through in the first book, you'd think she'd grow and mature a little. But no!

Claire still didn't seem to feel for her so called "love ones" very strongly. She stopped thinking about her childhood best friend, Liz, as soon as she met Robin in Savor. She never thought about the human woman she believed to be her mother for her first 17 years of life. She moved on to Nicolae and Evilyn when she thought they were her new parents, but when she found out who her real parents were she stopped caring about Nicolae and Evilyn, too. She immediately decided she loved her real parents, Ione and Cathair, more. Claire's feelings for her friends and family were fleeting and shallow and only made me think of her as a flake.

Another thing that annoyed me about Claire was how she claims to want to take everything so seriously, but she never pays attention to anything anyone tells her. And not in the "That's dangerous, don't do it," and then she does it anyway kind of way. She doesn't pay attention to anything people to tell her. Like, "The kitchen is down the hall and on the left," and eleven minutes later she'll be like, "Where did he say the kitchen was again?" For a girl who everyone says is super special she sure comes off like a vapid airhead. At one point in the book Claire is being trained to defend herself by Eli, a Blood Guard. He explains Claire's problem very simply after getting a hit on her in training.

"If you had been paying attention, I would not have been able to strike. You live too much in your head, Claire." {Indulge, page 183/366}

Hopefully most of my problems with Claire's personality will be resolved in the third book in the series, since, by the end of Indulge, I was already starting to like Claire more. She seemed to mature a little by the final chapter and I hope that's an indicator of more changes to come. Claire was actually starting to show a little badass-ness by the end and I was rooting her on the whole way. That's definitely a side of her I want to see more of in the third book.

The thing I loved most about Indulge was Arrick. He was my favorite character and he wasn't present for much of Savor, so I was mighty pleased when he was featured more in Indulge. Claire and Arrick's chemistry was definitely what kept me reading chapter after chapter. Usually I find falling-in-love-with-a-guy-who's-known-you-since-you-were-born storylines kind of creepy, but for some reason it works in Indulge. (Maybe its just because I'm in love with Arrick, but whatever...)

He's an honorable character who knows his duty to his kingdom, but who, at the same time, knows his feelings for Claire. I found their Blood Mate bond to be the most interesting part of their relationship. They can feel what the other one feels through their bond. But as Claire says at one point, their bond may either help or hinder their relationship. It's hard to talk to a guy you like when he doesn't know what you're feeling. But try talking to a guy you like who can sense what you're thinking while you're thinking about your ex-crush, who's not so much an ex as an open ended question. Yeah. Kind of makes things a bit tricker.

I really enjoyed Indulge, probably more so than I did Savor. So if you've read Savor, definitely check out this sequel. You won't be disappointed. And if you haven't read Savor, give it a try. You can find both books for sale at these locations:

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