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My Book Boyfriend (8) Jamie Rasmussen

(Whoops! Somehow totally forgot to publish this yesterday. Sorry for the delay.)

It's time for another My Book Boyfriend, Pretties!

Last time we asked again who you wanted to see be our Boyfriend this week, and you ladies chose (by one!) none other than James (Jamie, as we prefer to refer to him ;]) Rasmussen!

Based on the second most voted category from last week, Jamie, it seems, will be our last Night World boy (for the time being, at least.)

James Rasmussen:

* 16 years old
* Lamia
* Gray eyes
* Silky, light brown hair
* Ash Redfern's cousin
* His soulmate is Poppy North.

Our Jamie is played by a very James-Dean-looking James Franco  

Why We Love Him:

JesseThe thing I love about James Rasmussen is that he's known his soulmate Poppy since he was five. They met in kindergarten and were best friends ever since. But because of Night World law he wasn't allowed to feel anything for her, he was pushing the limits just by being her friend, so he didn't think about how he felt about Poppy. He just stuck with the friend act even when he clearly wanted to tell her the truth about who and what he was. And it's really adorable to think of this tough, cool Fonzie type being best friends with a five foot nothing redhead. They are just so cute together!

KiraThe reason I love James Rasmussen is because he's pretty much perfect. Seriously. He's pretty much everything a lot of girls dream of. He's got a sexy bad-boy (ok, "outlaw" is how it's described) look, while at the same time being the sweetest, most caring guy ever. He'd literally do anything for Poppy, including break the three major laws of the Night World, which would mean certain death if any of the Elders found out.

You can't not love that kind of guy.

Things Jamie says that make us go: Aaaawwwwwwwwww!

"It wasn’t just his outlaw good looks, which always reminded her vaguely of James Dean. He had silky light brown hair, a subtle, intelligent face, and gray eyes that were alternately intense and cool. He was the handsomest boy at El Camino High, but that wasn’t it, that wasn’t what Poppy responded to. It was something inside him, something mysterious and compelling and always just out of reach. It made her heart beat fast and her skin tingle." {Night World No. 1, eBook page 12/447}
"Many people thought Poppy and James’s relationship platonic. This wasn’t true. Poppy had known for years that she was going to marry him. It was one of her two great ambitions, the other being to see the world. She just hadn’t gotten around to informing James yet. Right now he still thought he liked long-legged girls with salon fingernails and Italian pumps." {Night World No. 1, eBook page 12/447}
"To distract herself, she thought about James. And for some reason what came to mind was the first time she’d seen James, the day he came to kindergarten. He’d been a pale, slight boy with big gray eyes and something subtly weird about him that made the bigger boys start picking on him immediately. On the playground they ganged up on him like hounds around a fox—until Poppy saw what was happening. 
Even at five she’d had a great right hook. She’d burst into the group, slapping faces and kicking shins until the big boys went running. Then she’d turned to James. 
'Wanna be friends?' 
After a brief hesitation he’d nodded shyly. There had been something oddly sweet in his smile." {Night World No. 1, eBook page 19/447}
”'They think I might have cancer.' 
It was a tremendous relief to say it, a sort of emotional release. Poppy laughed again.Silence on the other end of the line. 
'I’m here,' James said. Then he said, 'I’m coming over.'" {Night World No. 1, eBook page 23/447}

"He’d always been afraid of hurting her. She looked so fragile, and he could hurt somebody much stronger if he wasn’t careful. That was one reason he kept a certain distance between them. 
One reason. Not the main one. 
The other was something he couldn’t put into words, not even to himself. It brought him right up to the edge of the forbidden. To face rules that had been ingrained in him since birth. 
None of the Night People could fall in love with a human. The sentence for breaking the law was death." {Night World No. 1, eBook page 26/447}
"'Dad, what I’m trying to say is that I’ve known Poppy just about all my life. She’s useful to me.' 
'How? Not in the obvious way. You’ve never fed on her, have you?' 
James swallowed, feeling nauseated. Feed on Poppy? Use her like that? Even the thought of it made him sick." {Night World No. 1, eBook page 31/447}
"'I want you to understand that they can’t help you,' he said, ragged and intense. 'Do you understand that?' 
'Yes, I understand,' Poppy said. She could hear the mounting hysteria in her own voice. 'But is that what you came here to say? Do you want to kill me?' 
His fingers tightened painfully. 'No! I want to save you.' Then he let out a breath and repeated it more quietly, but with no less intensity. 'I want to save you, Poppy.'” {Night World No. 1, eBook page 39/447}
“'I don’t know the right way to say it. I feel like somebody in a bad horror movie.' He shrugged, and said without turning, 'I know how this sounds, but…Poppy, I’m a vampire.'" {Night World No. 1, eBook page 39/447}
"Gently, without looking at her, he put a hand on her shin under the blanket. He shook her leg slightly, a gesture of affection. 'I’m gonna turn you into a vampire, kid.' 
Poppy put both fists to her face and began to cry. 
'Hey.' He let go of her shin and put an awkward arm around her, pulling her to sit up. 'Don’t do that. It’s okay. It’s better than the alternative.' 
'You’re…freaking…crazy,' Poppy sobbed." {Night World No. 1, eBook page 43/447}
"You don’t love a girl because of beauty. You love her because she sings a song only you can understand.…" {Night World No. 1, eBook page 47/447}
“'Poppy’s not my girlfriend and I’m not going to dump her,' he said, pleased at his own cleverness. He’d avoided an outright lie—Poppy wasn’t his girlfriend in any normal sense. They’d merged their souls, that was all—they hadn’t talked about dating or anything." {Night World No. 1, eBook page 52/447}
“'I’ll go sleep on the couch,' he said. 
'No, you won’t,' Poppy said firmly. She flopped on the bed beside him. 'You’re dead tired. And I know I’m safe with you.' 
James grinned without moving his arm. 'Because I’m dead tired?' 
'Because I’ve always been safe with you.'" {Night World No. 1, eBook page 116/447}
"'You’re sure you’re all right?' 
'Yes. Yes.' 
'Good. Then just hang on a moment while I kill this guy and we’ll go.'” {Night World No. 1, eBook page 145/447}
James gathered Poppy in his arm again, but he paused and looked back at Ash. 
'You know, you’ve never really cared about anyone,' he said. 'But someday you will, and it’s going to hurt. It’s going to hurt—a lot.'" {Night World No. 1, eBook page 147/447}

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  1. They met in Kinder, and she's always known she was gonna marry him! AWWWWWW. LOVE THAT! What's up with that cancer thing. Please say it isn't so.

    And Yes, James Franco is an uber hottie. I love him.


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