Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pretty In Fiction's New Look!

Hey Pretty Readers!

Many of you have probably noticed that Pretty In Fiction has a new look. It's a new season so we decided it was time for a change. But we want to know what you guys think. Do you like the new clean background style or did you adore the pretty pink scribbles of our old background? Like the new PiF banner? Or was the old one more your style?

The "new" PiF
or the "old" PiF?

The "new" banner
or the "old" banner?

Take a second and let us know by voting! Or leave a comment!

Happy Reading!
The Pretty Staffers


  1. They both look great but I love the colour of this green!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair


  2. I love this look! The colors are so pretty! Did you make it yourself? I really like your rating system. How did you make that?

    chelle2006 @ aol.com

  3. @Michelle @ Book Briefs Thanks! Glad you like it. I made the banner and the heart ratings in photoshop but the background is just a standard Blogger background.

    - Jesse
    Pretty In Fiction


We love to read them. :)

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