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My Book Boyfriend (7) Thierry Descoudres (or so it looks now)

Hey Pretties!

So last week we asked you which of the remaining Night World (by LJ Smith) guys you would like to learn more about. The winner? Thierry Descoudres!

So, Thierry is this week's My Book Boyfriend (a meme hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader). Hope you guys enjoy him! :)

Thierry Descoudres:

* First Made vampire (from back in caveman times),
* which makes him older than Hell, though he only looks to be nineteen.
Our Thierry is played by Jesse Spencer.
Thierry tried to look past his own reflection in the window. It was disturbing, seeing that young man with the white-blond hair and the old, old eyes looking back at him. He had such a pensive expression ... so lost and so sad. {Night World No. 2, eBook p. 279/412}
"He might have been handsome in other circumstances. His hair was very light blond, lighter than the dry grass of the steppes. His face was well-made; his tall body was lithe. Hana could see almost all of that body because he was only wearing a brief leather loincloth. That didn’t bother her; everybody went naked in the summer when it was hot enough. But this wasn’t summer; it was spring and the days could still be chilly. No sane person would go traveling without clothes." {Night World No. 2, eBook page 296/412} 
* It took from shortly after he was turned 'til when the book took place (in the 90's) to finally get together with his soulmate (Hannah Snow), as she died in many, many incarnations before they could.

* He loves his soulmate, which is sweet and all, but he doesn't always take into account personal boundaries in regards to the fact that she really doesn't know him (or really care to, there for a while), and what she may remember from her past lives might not always be favorable (let's just say she didn't exactly die of natural causes). Because of this, he tends to resort to lurking in the shadows (to protect her) and randomly popping up unbidden and unwanted.

Why We Love Him:

Jesse: I think the reason I love Thierry is because he's so sad and guilt-ridden all the time. But it's not in an obnoxious sort of way. He has his reasons for feeling guilty. I mean, he slaughtered an entire village, including his soulmate, after he was forcibly turned into a vampire by that evil beyotch Maya. And then there's the fact that he runs Circle Daybreak. It's got to be a huge responsibility running the organization that will someday save the world...

He literally follows his soulmate Hannah throughout time. Whenever she dies, he vows to find her again. That's a testament to how strong the soulmate bond is. After hundreds, and thousands, of years Thierry never stops looking for Hannah. Not once. That also makes me love him just a little bit more!

Kira: Because he doubled his driver's salary just for handing him a plain old Bic (you know, the, like, 10¢ pens?) after his $800 pen died.

Seriously, though (though that is what sold me on him). I think what I love most about Thierry is that he is so not what everyone else seems to think.

If you remember back to a couple of weeks ago, when we did Ash Redfern for our Book Boyfriend, I said something along the lines of how I really didn't like him in the beginning. This is why:

In the very first night world book, upon learning that his cousin Jamie had (seemingly) broken all of the Night World's three major no-no rules (all of which are punishable by death for all parties involved) for his soulmate, Poppy, Ash decided to take Poppy to one of Thierry's parties to expose her (though he claimed it was just a joke). Thierry, of course, being an Elder, those who make and enforce the rules of the Night World, and thus a vamp to be feared.

So, basically, this is why I love Thierry (please excuse my horrible paraphrasing, as this scene never actually occurred):
Jamie and Poppy: No! Thierry must not know! He'll kill us!
Thierry (though we don't really find this out for a few books): Uh, guys? Yeah. I've been searching for my soulmate for, like, forever, and she's been human, let's see: ...1...2...12... Yeah. Every single time. I think you're safe.
Thierry's soulmate, Hannah, has been reincarnated many, many, many times since shortly after he was made. Just for clarification.

The Quotables:

"Thierry made a practice mark with the pen. No ink came out. He stared at the nib of it in mild disbelief. 'You buy an eight-hundred-dollar pen and then it doesn’t write,' he murmured." {Night World No. 2, eBook page 280/412}

"He said very quietly in the driver’s ear, 'Do you have a pencil?'

'A pencil?'

'Something that writes, Nilsson. An instrument to make marks on paper. Do you have one? Quick, because if I lose this connection, you’re fired.'

'I’ve got a pen, sir.' One-handed, Nilsson fished in his pocket and produced a Bic.

'Your salary just doubled.'" {Night World No. 2, eBook page 280/412}

"Funny, Thierry thought, how you never realized how accustomed you were to being obeyed until somebody defied you." {Night World No. 2, eBook page 288/412}

"The first sight of her broke through his animal state and gave him enough mind to stand up like a man." {Night World No. 2, eBook page 340/412} - This one makes me go "awwwww!" every time!

"People were gathering behind Thierry, murmuring anxiously. They were about to interfere and ask him to please let go of the girl he was strangling.

He ignored them.

Listen to me, he told Maya, staring into her mocking golden eyes. Listen, because I’m never going to say this again. If you touch Hannah again—ever—in any life—I will kill you.

'I’ll kill you,' he whispered out loud, to emphasize it. 'Believe me, Maya, I’ll do it.'" {Night World No. 2, eBook page 348/412}
Pick Our Next Book Boyfriend:

You guys did so well helping us pick out this week's awesome guy, we figure'd we'd put it to you again.


  1. I love your polls for your next MBB! And of course, I still want to know more about the Nightworld guys. ;)

    Wow! From the caveman days? Is Thierry kind of short? LOL I love you pick this week. Jesse is a hottie.

    And yes, that was a cool thing to do, give is driver a raise just for having a pen handy. :P

  2. Hahaaa, the pictures I have in my mind with cavemen are nothing alike this guy LOL, but that's the beauty of fiction :D
    I need to check this book, I'm still amazed of how many books I don't know about. ;))

  3. I think I read some Night World books during high school. I've read every Vampires Diaries though. Nice pics!

  4. OK, OK, OK, moving this up my TBR pile. You've convinced me I need to get to it asap. So many BBs!

  5. God, HOW MUCH do I love the Night World series! SO MUCH! Please, don't go on to something else, I love getting reminded of all the fabulous boys in the Night World! It might even spur a re-read sometime soon!


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