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My Book Boyfriend (6) John Quinn

For our last two My Book Boyfriends (a meme created and hosted by the amazing Missie from The Unread Reader), we've been introducing (and reminding) you Pretties of the awesome boys that  reside in LJ Smith's Night World series. More speciffiacally, we've been focusing on a certain brand of boy, and today we'd like to do something a little different.

A little, but not much.

Our boy, John Quinn, is still from the Night World, but unlike his Lamia brethren, Quinn is a Made vampire. To give you Pretty Readers a better idea of the difference, I'm cutting and pasting from here, because it's short and concise:
Made vampires are humans that have been made into vampires by exchanging blood with lamia or with another made vampire. Since older people cannot survive the physical transition, all made vampires look about age nineteen or younger. Also, unlike lamia vampires, made vampires do not age, eat and cannot reproduce. If a made vampire does not receive enough blood from the vampire and dies, they will awaken as a ghoul, where their only aim in life is to kill and eat.
Now on to the important stuff.

John Quinn:

* He's old, to put it plain and simple. He was Made into a vampire at the age of 18, and has remained so since the sixteenth century.
* Black hair
* Bottomless-black eyes

"The vampire was pale, and his black hair looked even blacker against his white skin. His eyelashes were dark on his cheek. A little blood matted his hair in the back." {Night World No. 2, eBook page 158/412} 
Our Quinn is played by Xavier Samuel.
"He was good-looking. Clean features that were strongly chiseled but almost delicate. A mouth that at the moment looked rather innocent, but which might be sensuous if he were awake. A body that was lithe and flat-muscled, if not very tall." {Night World No. 2, eBook page 159/412}

One of the most dangerous vampires in all the Night World. Maybe the most dangerous of the made vampires, the ones who’d started out human. She knew him by reputation—every vampire hunter did. He was supposed to be a deadly fighter and a brilliant strategist; clever, resourceful… and cold as ice. He despised humans, held them in utter contempt. He wanted  the Night World to wipe them out, except for a few to be used for food." {Night World No. 2, eBook page 163/412}

Why We Love Him:

JesseJohn Quinn is quite possibly my favorite Night World character. He was turned into a vampire when he was eighteen. He was in love with the wrong girl and he payed the price for it. And he is still paying that price, because he can't die. And that's what he wants. To just stop living the same, lonely life day in and day out. But then he meets his soulmate Rashel.

Quinn's relationship with Rashel is what made me fall in love with him. I love it when characters argue, and these two argue like they're mortal enemies. Oh, wait! They are. I love a good redemption story and if anyone has ever redeemed himself it's Quinn. He was a cold, calculating human-hater, who met his match in a human girl.

Kira: The reason I love John Quinn so much is because of his relationship with Rashel Jordan. They are my absolute favorite Night World couple. Why? Because he was a ruthless, human-hating (except when it came to eating them) vampire, and she was a vamp-hating vampire hunter (who was pretty bad-ass with a bokken).  Perfect match, no?

I love that whole "I hate you  and everything you stand for, but I can't help but be madly in love with you" dynamic. It makes things oh, so much more interesting. The fact that they are soulmates, and that's why they can't help but love each other makes it so much better because there literally is nothing they can do about it. So, she tries to kill him, he tries to kill her, and they both fail miserably. Ain't love grand?

Amazing Quotations:
"His eyes went dark as black holes—no light escaped. Rashel suddenly had the feeling of glacial cold. Look into eyes like that and what you saw alone might kill you, she thought."{Night World No. 2, eBook page 252/412}
"Rashel was suddenly struck by something. 'You know, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say your first name. I mean, I presume you have one.'

He blinked. Then, as if he were surprised himself, he said, 'John.'

'John Quinn. John.'

'I didn’t invite you to call me it.'” {Night World No. 2, eBook page 165/412}
“'I’m faster than any human,' the soft voice went on. 'I’m stronger than any human. I can see better in the dark. And I’m much, much nastier.'” {Night World No. 2, eBook page 167/412}
"'Don’t you understand? As long as you’re human, Night World law says you have to die if I love you.'

Rashel stood stricken.

Quinn had stopped short, as if he were startled himself by what he’d said. Then he gave an odd laugh and shook his head. 'If I love you,' he repeated. 'And that’s the problem, of course. I do love you.'" {Night World No. 2, eBook page 240/412}
“'I don’t know what’s going to happen—but as long as we’re right together, I think I can face it.'

I think we live or die together from now on, Quinn said simply."{Night World No. 2, eBook page 247/412}
Help Us Choose Our Next MBB:

Since us going through our Night World MBBs seemed to be pretty popular the past couple weeks, we decided to give you Pretty Readers one more (the lovely John Quinn above) before putting you guys to an actual vote.

Below, you will find listed the remaining boys of Night World.


  1. So many character from Night World I am missing out on. I did happen to check out the series they sounds promising.

  2. Yes! I have to thank you ladies for introducing me to the men of NW. John does sound amazing. Yes, he invited me to call him John...hehehe

    His type of vampire, the made kind, sounds especially thrilling because they seem rare and in John's case, extremely dangerous! Xavier Samuel is a great choice to play him because of his black, bottomless eyes!

    I'm glad you are going to continue with more NW guys.

  3. I must read this series! I have been loving all of these posts, but I must John is already my favorite! I just love a good redemption story with a cute couple.

  4. Kill Mary Lynette!

  5. You are just making me want to read this series more and more!

  6. There's just something about cold, deadly men...as long as they have a glimmer of possible redemption in them then I am lost. Good choice!

    Stephanie ~Misfit Salon~

  7. Ahh I vaguely remember Quinn. I read this one a while back but I may have to re-read to remember everything about it. I sometimes find it hard to get into L.J Smith's books, but from the ones I have read, I do remember enjoying.



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