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My Book Boyfriend (5) Morgead Blackthorn

Last week, in response to a comment someone left about picking up the Night World series because of our little introduction to Ash Redfern (ok, the boy we picked to portray him may have helped a bit, too), we said she should, that
There is plenty of boy-candy to go around. Ash is just the tip of the iceberg. We could spend a few months doing MBBs JUST on the boys of Night World, if we wanted.
Now, we may not stay a few months on these very loveable boys, but we wanted to give you another little taste of just what the Night World had to offer.

Some of you, based on your responses, seemed intrigued by the Lamia. These vampires who were born, not sired, who could have children of their own. Vampires who could who could age at will -- or, at least, until they decided they would stop aging.

Well, there are definitely plenty of Lamia in the Night World, and for those of you who weren't too fond of Ash, maybe this one will spark your interest.

This week's My Book Boyfriend (hosted, as usual, by the ingenious Missie over at The Unread Reader) is the rebellious gang leader: Morgead Blackthorn.
Our Morgead is played by Milo Ventimiglia.

- Morgead Blackthorn -
* 17
* Black hair
* Green eyes
* A Lamia vampire
"Morgead Blackthorn was seventeen, a year older than she, and her worst enemy. He was conceited, hotheaded, stubborn, and power-hungry—and it didn’t help that he was always saying she was those things, too." {Night World No. 3, eBook page 11/450} 
"His face was pale, making his dark hair seem even darker. His lashes were black crescents on his cheeks." {Night World No. 3, eBook page 46/450}
- Why We Love Him -
Jesse: The thing I love about Morgead is how stubborn he is. Regardless of whether he's right or wrong he'll fight for what he believes. And that's why he's the perfect soulmate for Jez Redfern (Ash Redfern's cousin). She, too, will fight for what she believes. But there in lies the problem. She fights for humans, he fights for vampires. But he loves her, always has, since they were children. He believes in Jez more than he believes in anything, so he can't do much else than help her.

His relationship with Jez is just too cute! They bicker and fight and are constantly competing with one another over anything and everything. They're in love but at the same time they act like enemies. Or maybe you'd call them frenemies? Either way I want one! Leather jacket and all.

Kira: One of the things I love most about Morgead is that I love reading about him and Jez together. I don't know why, but I love reading about couples that bicker. They always make things more interesting, especially when they bicker at the worst. possible. times. Jez and Morgead don't disappoint on that front. Why?

Because they're both equally as stubborn and always have to be right.

I also liked how these two already knew and loved each other (whether the were willing to admit it or not, though Morgy definitely was the less reluctant of the two) before we even started our story. That doesn't happen very often, because part of the joy in most novels is watching the leads fall in love.

And yet, this method worked for Jez and Morgead purely because they were so...I can't think of what the word I'm looking for here is. Confrontational, maybe?

Taylor: Morgead Blackthorn would be my dream boyfriend. He has so much about him to love. Like his odd overprotectiveness, or the way he loves to fight. He is scary to people who don't know him, and even to the people that do, but when he loves you he is way too overprotective.

"His face was two inches from hers. Jez galred at him, refusing to give ground.'I'm not just siding with them,' she hissed 'I am one of them. I'm a damned day breaker.' 
'Your a dead day breaker. I can't believe this. How am I supposed to protect you from the whole Night World?' {Night World No. 3, eBook page 130/450

Come on, how cute?

- Quotes - 
"Next you’re going to try for a head strike,' she informed Morgead coolly. 'Because you always do.'

'You think you know everything. But you don’t know me anymore. I’ve changed,' he told her, just as calmly—and went for a head strike.

'Psyche,' he said as she blocked it and wood clashed with a sharp whack." {Night World No. 3, eBook page 50}
"For just an instant neither of them moved; their weapons down, their gazes connected. Their faces were so close their breath mingled.

Then Morgead slipped out of the trap. 'Don’t try that stuff,' he said nastily.

'What stuff?' The moment her stick was free of his, she snapped it up again, reversing her grip and thrusting toward his eyes.

'You know what stuff!' He deflected her thrust with unnecessary force. 'That ‘I’m Jez and I’m so wild and beautiful’ stuff. That ‘Why don’t you just drop your stick and let me hit you because it’ll be fun’ stuff.'" {Night World No. 3, eBook page 50/450}
"She grabbed his wrist and locked it, with her hand holding his and her stick on top of his wrist. She could use leverage here to cause severe pain—or to break the bone.

'Give up, Morgead.'

'Bite me.'

'I’m going to break your wrist.'

'Fine. I hope you enjoy it.' He kept glaring." {Night World No. 3, eBook page 50}
“'And she’s not just a Daybreaker,' Pierce said. Finally he looked at Jez, and it was with venomous spite. 'She’s a mutant abomination. She’s half vermin. She should have been drowned at birth.'

'You should have been drowned at birth,' Morgead said through locked teeth." {Night World No. 3, eBook page 137/450}
"Jez couldn’t answer, but she shook her head very faintly, and looked at him in despair. She knew he could read that. Do you know what they’ll do to you? Especially when they find out you’re a fake?

She saw his faint answering smile. He knew.

What difference does it make? he said in her mind. You and me—we’re lost anyway. And without you, I don’t care what happens." {Night World No. 3, eBook page 140/450}
"Her eyelids felt heavy.

'Jez? Jez!'

It was a husky whisper. Jez opened her eyes to see Morgead’s face.

He was crying. Oh, dear, that was bad. Jez hadn’t seen him cry since…when was it? Sometime when they’d been little kids…." {Night World No. 3, eBook page 145/450}
“DON’T YOU DARE DIE ON ME, JEZEBEL! DON’T YOU DARE! Or I’ll follow you to the next world and KILL you.” {Night World No. 3, eBook page 147/450}
"'I Love you, you stupid human, Morgead gasped against Jez's cheek. 'I can't live without you. Don't you know that?" {Night World No. 3, eBook page 147/450}
“'Watch it, Jezebel,' he growled and leaned forward menacingly.

'Don’t call me that, idiot.'

'You’re the idiot, idiot.'

'And you’re—' But Jez never got to finish, because he stopped her mouth with a kiss." {Night World No. 3, eBook page 149/450}


  1. I am not a vampire fan, but your description about the relationship between those 2 characters (mostly in love and fighting - how cute!) and the quotes (some funny, some a bit dramatic) make me want to read this so badly.. the only problem is, there are so many books in the series.. If I pick up this series I won't be able to do anything else, LOL

    Anyways great choice, i love your post - I'll add this book to my to read list and I'll keep this pretty boy in my mind ;))

  2. I have been reading L.J. Smith's books for a long time and I can not believe I have never got around to reading the night series :(
    I'll definitely check this series next time I am in the library.
    Awesome pick for Morgead Blackthorn :)

  3. Yes! Please introduce me to all the boys of Night World!

    I love the sound of Morgead relationship with Jez. It sounds so passionate!

  4. I need to read this series! I loved your post about Ash last week and am also loving Morgead. I'm off to find these lovely men! Great post!

  5. I LOVE THE NIGHT WORLD! Keep going! lol...I may infact have to re-visit my copies so that I can get some more book boyfriend awesomeness...great pick!

  6. Oh I need to read this series! Look at that first pic! I think my 17 year old self (long ago... lol) would love to just stare and drool. Yep... I need to add this series to the ol' wishlist!

  7. I really must read this series. It's been on my TBR pile for awhile but I kinda got vampire fatigue. These boys might just reignite my, er, passion. Milo seems perfect for Morgead, good pick!

  8. I just can't put my finger on where I recognize him from...I have not read this series, but he sure makes it looking interesting...

  9. Great post! Makes me want to jump into this series. Love the quotes you chose and... swoon... the model.

    Reading Lark's Book Boyfriend


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