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My Book Boyfriend (4) Ash Redfern

I know it's been FOREVER (About a month, almost. Which is ridiculous. Have you missed us?) since last we participated in Missie's amazing meme. Does that mean we've been Book Boyfriend-less all this time? Of course not! 

I, for one, as any of you who read any of last week's posts would know, have been becoming very well acquainted with a certain Ash, of the Unseelie court (I know I still have to squeeze the last post, or two, out on that front. it. It was a busy, BUSY week last week. More on the Iron Fey later today.) HOWEVER he is not the Ash we wish of speak of today.

No, that honor is for none other than Ash Redfern, of the Night World series by LJ Smith.
Our Ash Redfern is played by
Chad Michael Murray

Ash Redfern:

* 18 years old
* Blonde hair
* Ever-changing eyes.
"She couldn’t see anything except his eyes. And those eyes were strange, prismlike, changing color like a star seen through heavy atmosphere. Now blue, now gold, now violet." {Night World Book 1 ebook pg. 198}
* He's a Lamia vampire, which means he was born (and can have kids of his own) and ages until he chooses to stop.
* His soulmate is Mary-Lynette Carter
*According to Mary-Lynette:
 "He was only the handsomest boy she’d ever seen in her life. He was lanky and elegant, with long legs stretched out in front of him, ankles crossed under the coffee table. He looked like a big amiable cat. He had clean-cut features, slightly tilted wicked eyes, and a disarming lazy grin. Not just lazy, Mary-Lynnette decided. Fatuous. Bland. Maybe even stupid." {Night World Book 1 ebook pg. 196}

Why We ♥ Him:

JesseOh Ash Redfern! He's only one of my favorite vampires ever! Handsome, blonde, snarky... What's not to love? I think what really drew me to Ash was the same thing that drew Mary-Lynette to him in Daughter's of Darkness, his intelligence.

He's so much smarter than he portrays himself. Ash likes to act like a vapid party boy, but he's just as well read as Mary-Lynette is. He gets her references to Shakespeare and Jane Austen right off the bat. He actually tells her that after a night of partying and clubbing he stays in bed and reads since he needs to rest!

Just being able to pick up on the literature references alone makes him totally swoon worthy in my eyes!

Kira: It's actually kind of funny, because I couldn't stand Ash when we first met him. I was actually one of the last (I say "one of", because Courtney hasn't touched it) Pretty Staffers to read the Night World series, so as I was reading that first book, Ash was being, well, Ash; Jesse and Tayl were all, "Oh, my God! Ash! *swoon*", and I was like: But, why?! He's such an ass!

And then I got to the second novel in the series, and I was a goner.

See, each book in the Night World series follows one character, and show's how they meet and fall in love with their soulmate (If you've ever read an LJ Smith novel -- any LJ Smith novel -- then you know "soulmate" isn't just some word in her worlds. it is practically law).  Daughters of Darkness is all about Ash Redfern and his soulmate, our MC, Mary-Lynnette Carter.

Now, Mary-Lynette hated Ash about as much as I did in the beginning. Whenever he was being truly idiotic or jerkish, she'd let him know. Lots of yelling and insults would fly around, and if things became a bit too much for our dear main character to express with words, she'd kick him in the shin. AND HE. JUST. LET. HER (ok, so that  only happened, like, twice, but still).

Ash Redfern, ruthless Lamia vampire who'd never let someone so much as think about treating him like that, let some random, human girl kick the crap outta him at whim. Gotta love  a guy who's willing to take abuse from the girl he loves (whether he's willing to admit it or not) when he'd never let such behavior pass with anyone else.

Notably Quoteable:
"Mary-Lynnette had an inexplicable impulse to knock Ash flat and fall down on top of him. She’d never felt that for any boy before.
She ignored the impulse and kicked him in the shin."

{Night World Book 1 ebook pg. 201}

"'What do they call you, anyway?' he asked from the front yard, as if he’d finally found the comeback he’d been looking for. 'Mary? Marylin? M’lin? M.L.?'
'They call me Mary-Lynnette,' Mary-Lynnette said flatly, and added under her breath, 'That do speak of me.'
She’d read The Taming of the Shrew in honors English last year.
'Oh, yeah? How about M’lin the cursed?' He was still backing away.
Mary-Lynnette was startled. So maybe his class had read it, too. But he didn’t look smart enough to quote Shakespeare."
{Night World Book 1 pg. 202}

"Everything he was, everything he believed about himself…could he lose that in five minutes? For a girl who was probably deranged and certainly more dangerous than all three of his sisters put together?
No, he concluded grimly. Absolutely not. Not in five minutes. It only took five seconds."
{Night World Book 1 ebook pg. 207}

"Ash held one finger up. 'Okay. Now, listen--'
Mary-Lynette kicked him in the shins. She knew it was inappropriate, she knew it was uncalled-for, but she couldn't stop herself. She just had to.
'Oh, for God's sake,' Ash said, hopping backward. 'Are you crazy?'"
[cutting out bits of descript. and dialogue]
"'Will somebody just tell her not to do that anymore?' Ash was saying."
{Night World Book 1 ebook pg. 242-3}

"'I can’t think at this hour in the morning. I don’t have a brain yet.'
'It’s almost noon,' Kestrel said scornfully.
'I don’t care when it is. I’m still asleep.'"
{Night World Book 1 ebook pg. 250}

"'Aren’t you getting a crick in your neck?” Ash said.
Mary-Lynnette rolled her head from side to side slightly to limber the muscles. 'Maybe.'
'I could rub it for you?' He made the offer from several feet away."
{Night World Book 1 ebook pg. 272}

"Mary-Lynnette suddenly felt extremely contrary. 'Sorry,' she said coldly. 'But I’m afraid it’s not very flattering to have somebody tell you that they love you against their will, against their reason, and even—'
'Against their character,' Ash finished for her, bleakly. 'Yeah, I know.'
Mary-Lynnette stopped walking. She stared at him. 'You have not read Pride and Prejudice,' she said flatly."
{Night World Book 1 ebook pg. 274}

“So now can I tell you how, um, ardently I love and admire you?"
“After all, we are soulmates,” Ash said. “I can’t be completely stupid or I’d be completely wrong for you."
“Ash… I don’t know. I mean – we are wrong for each other. We’re just basically incompatible. Even if I were a vampire, we’d be basically incompatible.”
“Well, about that… I think I could possibly change your mind.”
“About what?”
“Being incompatible. I think we could be sort of fairly compatible if…”
“Well, if you could bring yourself to kiss me.”
Kiss you?”
“Yeah, I know it’s a radical concept. I was pretty sure you wouldn’t go for it.”
{Night World Book 1 ebook pg. 274}


  1. Me likey! I love the quotes you posted! No, he concluded grimly. Absolutely not. Not in five minutes. It only took five seconds.. Seriously, why do we not hear things like this more often!?!?

    Also, I love Chad Micheal Murray. I really want to run my fingers through his hair, LOL! Me thinks I need to pick up this series!:D

  2. @Jen (In the Closet With a Bibliophile) Oh, definitely pick it up. There is plenty of boy-candy to go around. Ash is just the tip of the iceberg. we could spend a few months doing MBBs JUST on the boys of Night World, if we wanted.

  3. I love being introduced to a new breed of vampires. Y'all have me dying to learn more about Lamia vampires. Ash does sound a bit douchy but he totally makes up for it, eh?

    And thanks for all the CMM pics. I miss his face! LOL

    1. how come all the cute vampires all have girlfriends mabey i want a soulmate

  4. I haven't read this, but I am interested! Love me some Chad Michael Murray as well! Thanks for visiting!

  5. OMG!! THATS what his name is!!! I read the Night World series like...eons ago...and I lost my copy and couldnt remember who my favorite ash-hole/hottiepants was!!! Thanks!!! I remember totally LOVING the way he fell for Mary-Lynette even though he reallyyyyyyy didn't want to! Thanks for reminding me about this awesome series and guy! <3

  6. @Andra HA! Your comment totally made me LOL! Glad we could help. :)

  7. Oh sweet! I have to read the Night World series now. Plus I love your choice of vamp! Loved those quotes too. Me likey!!


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