Thursday, November 3, 2011

Iron Fey Giveaway WINNER! - Rose Pryimak -

I know you've probably been hanging on the edge of your seat, just shivering with antici...

Ok, that was bad, but the point still remains.  I apologize for making you wait so long to see who gets to take Ash, and Puck, and all those other crazy characters home with them. So, without further ado:

The lucky WINNER of our Iron Fey Week GIVEAWAY is none other than ROSE PRYIMAK, who was nice enough to spread the word about our little giveaway.

So, thank you, Rose, and CONGRATULATIONS! We hope you enjoy your brand new set of Iron Fey books.

The Iron KnightThe Iron DaughterThe Iron QueenThe Iron Knight
To those of you who did not win, we wish you luck in any future giveaways we have. We're sorry we could not have given more away but, alas, our bank accounts are small things (especially around this time of year).

Congratulations, again, to Rose, you will be receiving your email shortly, and we hope all of you tune in later this week when we finally post The Iron Knight review.

Until then, Happy Reading!

The Pretty Staffers.


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